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The Syrification of South East Turkey is now a fact.

The Syrian war has spilled over into Turkey. The Kurdish fighters are now the preferred weapon recipients of the West. The US, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK are supplying Kurdish fighters with arms and training.

Turkish Tank Gets Hit While Shelling Cizre

Not only the Peshmerga troops in Northern Iraq, commanded by President Barzani, a key US ally in the region, but also the Syrian Kurdish factions that are run by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are being armed by the US. The Syrian Kurdish militias solemnly promised not to hand over the US-supplied weapons to their PKK brothers in Turkey. There is no way to control this and the Turkish state media “Daily Sabah” is already complaining that Germany is delivering arms, and training PKK insurgents.

Erdogan is now transforming Turkey into an Islafascist state: a mixture of extreme nationalism combined with Islamism, a strong leader, backed by a strong army.

The Kurdish people in south-eastern Turkey will not subdue themselves to Erdogan. We are even starting to believe that the Western powers prefer a strong regional Kurdistan that depends on Western support over an Islafascist Turkish state with a leader that does not play the game by the rules as they are set by the Brussels and Washington elites.

In 2015, we already saw a Turkish combat tank in action in urban areas in “Kurdistan”, today we are witnessing a further escalation of the tension between the Ankara government and the Kurdish insurgents as the PKK shows it possesses the capacity to destroy Turkish tanks.

Turkey: Tank deployed in Diyarbakir as Turkey steps up fight against PKK


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