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Demographics will decide the world’s history

Demographics will decide the world’s history within the next decades. 2045 is the year in which, as the U.S. Census Bureau projects, Whites will become a minority in their own country. The same trend is observable in Europe. In the eighties these continents began their transformation from relatively monolithic into multi-ethnic or multicultural societies, which resulted in the rapid increase in the Latino population in the US, and the influx of immigrants from Africa and Asia in Europe. The academia and the ruling establishment believed that the different ethnic groups that are arriving in Europe and the US would blend into the indigenous communities and dissolve within one or two generations, adopting the superior Western values and norms because these are allegedly universal.

The native European population growth will soon reach its peak and then the reverse trend, already observable in Russia and Poland, will set in. The population of the Netherlands and Germany is only expanding due to the rising number of second generation non-Western migrants. In no time (historically speaking) will the European ethnic composition resemble that of Brazil or India.

The unprecedented rise of Front National, the riots in the Banlieu, the first Turkish party in the Dutch Parliament, Islam-driven terrorism, the Black Lives Matter movement and the endless discussions in the Western media between multi-cultural opponents and proponents, Whites and non-Whites, Islamists and Christians are just a few pieces in the broader picture, and we expect much more to come.

Significant demographic changes are by no means restricted to Europe. The population of Africa, which is likely to keep on growing at the current unprecedented pace till 2100, is already outnumbering that of Europe, and India’s population will outnumber that of China, which will be at its peak in 2030. In 2100 Africa will make up 40% of the world’s population, while contributing close to nothing to the world’s GDP. Africa’s GDP is only 2% of the World’s total GDP.

Far more people will live in Africa and South Asia than in Europe and North America. A neoliberal economist’s take on this phenomenon is that we are all the same, replaceable human beings, irrespective of race, heritage, or religion, hence there is no reason to believe why Africans should not be as productive as the Japanese and as efficient as Germans. If such is the case then the shrinking populations of Europe, Japan, the US and China will be compensated for by Africa’s young, energetic, vibrant men and women who will, they say, successfully take over and handle the world’s growth engine.

A cursory look at the condition of those American cities with African-American majorities, Haiti or African states does not raise such high hopes, which is why our team holds a different view. Sub-Saharan Africa’s recorded history started about a hundred years ago, hand in hand with the beginning of the European colonization, which shows that even African historical consciousness has been shaped by Europeans, to say nothing of the continent’s economy, which continues to be dependent on the technical and financial support from Europe and China. The approaching shift in demographics will create ethnic tensions, and will have a profound impact on the world’s economy at large.

16 comments on “Demographics will decide the world’s history

  • bob mikes says:

    Between now and 2100 our species will likely take a major hit from at least one of several existential threats ! The always present Nuclear,Global Warming,Synthetic biology and the emerging Artificial Intelligence ! Not to worry as the world leading USA is electing Presidents to meet the challenge ! WE ARE DOOMED !

  • Rusty Brown in Canada says:

    The essential difference being that northern cultures have had to learn to plan for food and fuel supplies to get through the winter, learn basic physics to build reliable heating systems and fuel transport and storage and buildings that protect from and withstand oppressive and violent weather. Also complex accounting and legal systems to keep track of who owns which vital resources and the purchase, storage and allocation of them through long periods of deprivation caused by climate. As a result, education and knowledge of physics and technology have been highly valued in northern civilizations.
    All of this applies to tropical cultures to a much lesser extent, if at all.

    • Gerald Sykes says:

      To Rusty in Canada: HATER! HATER! HATER!!!! How dare you tell the truth! Haven’t you learned yet that the truth is hate if it counters the insane liberal (whisper very low, Zionist ) dogma?
      Shame, shame on you.

      An excellent post by the way Rusty. If more folks had the intestinal fortitude to speak out directly and honestly as you did we just might start to turn things back to a more sane and just world. However I’m not holding my breath!
      With respect, Jerry

    • bob mikes says:

      You might also look at the success of cultures around the world in proportion to how corrupt their society has become ! Among politicians it is often said people get the politicians they deserve ! I believe Professor Hawking has recently stated that our species will not survive another 100 years ,I believe it would be lucky to achieve half of that !

  • Uncle Larry says:

    I think the date given for Whites to be a minority is wishful thinking. In the US over 50% of the kids entering kindergarten are non-white. Ten years is all it takes. I suggest that Whites will be near extinct in 150 years. White couples average one White baby. That cuts the White population in half every full generation. Every 50 or 60 years.

  • Genetic engineering is already here. People will pick the genetic traits
    of their children. You will be able to change your own appearance by
    changing genes in your DNA. IQ of future humans will be most important.
    That can also be improved with gene modification.

  • Unless there is ‘divine intervention’, I don’t believe homo sapiens species (modern humans) will survive into the 22nd century. We now have the means (weapons, technology) to wipe ourselves and each other out. And we are stupid and foolish enough to do just that. Furthermore, cheap abundant energy is what enabled our civilization to advance and our population to increase to its present state. Peak energy is here and future decline in energy will propel the human race back to the 18th or even the 11th century. War and starvation and ecological degradation and epidemics are likely to lead to mass extermination of 90%+ of the world population. The human race could become extinct within a few generations.
    It’s not my problem. I’m well into my 70s and have heart disease, so I am not long for this world. It is, however, my children’s problem. And God help my newborn grandson. He has been born into a hellhole. Poor kid, he didn’t ask to be born. None of us did. What a nightmare!

    • The Board says:

      The situation for Europe is not that bad. If we go back to population levels of 1900, that is great and sustainable. But we can not fix Africa. The next generation Europeans has to find the will to defend itself, it is a matter of leadership. Europe always has been superior and more advanced then other nations.
      People have to understand the numbers and consequences, that is our task.

  • The Jewish banking cartel is creating a race of dumbed down slaves for a rebirth
    of the two class Babylon slave state… whites will not do ! they’ve had a taste of
    freedom…. they must be irradiated. once the Muslim poison has done it’s job,
    ethnic specific bio weapon’s will be used to reduce the dark race back to manageable

    Of course, there are countless things that can go wrong… they are playing trial and error
    with genetics, and could wipe out everything. The advent of quantum computers is
    also an unknown hazard that could explode once time travel is attempted.

  • federico tonini says:

    All of you are talking of demographics … as an inevitable process.
    I see instead a choice in front of us, two options
    We keep on the road we are on … and the world will fall into unbelievable misery when the masses from Africa and Asia will pretend to reach our present standard of living.
    World resources are not sufficient for all …
    We consider that automation and electronics will make most jobs disappear … and a SMALL population will be able to run a nice life in a world without pollution.
    This scheme requires, however, that the terrific birth rate of poor peoples goes under control

    This might seem difficult … but even option 1 requires it … indefinite population growth is impossible … the fact tht our governments do not even mention that only shows they are not fit to rule the world.

  • As an academical researcher about population and growth,I must disconfess all the demographic studies, which showed to be highly inaccurate during decades; for example, the birth rate in Emilia Romagna, Italy, in 1800 was about 0,8%. With such a percentage, you would have said people livin there would have gone extinct.Which is not the case, or better: the trend reversed suddenly. That is because the demographic gaussian curb works slowing and fastening, and after the 70’s baby boom, we expected a contraction in the european birth rate. It happened. So, easily, it will be the opposite in the future: Africa is demographically imploding NOW, the trend easily will reverse, in a sudden crash of birth rate, starting about from 2030.

    • I think you mixed up some quantities. The birth rate is not in percentages, it is the number of children per 1000 of the toatl population. In Japan it is now about 7.
      The fertility rate in Emilia Romagna was in 1994, 0.8 , that is the number of children per woman during her liftime. No % here either

  • The Board says:

    Did the birth rate in Emilia reverse due to migration?
    There must be a reason for a sudden crash in birth rate, in Europe it was a decline of religion and introduction of anti-conception. In China it was one-child-policy
    In India, you see regional differences probably related to religion
    If the birth rate crash in 2030, growth will continue for the foreseeable future.
    Only in north Africa birth rate is slowing still above 2.1, Egypt is even increasing , Sub-Sahara is still very high according to official data.

  • Jennifer S says:

    I’m very worried. Sure, things can suddenly change, as some people have commented: people can start having more kids, or change immigration policy. But change requires action. HAVE at least three kids! CHANGE your immigration policy. PROTEST in the streets, SET UP petitions, RAISE awareness. The Western world has been sitting around watching our own take-over. Time to get organized!


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