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Western establishments are opting for a full population replacement to keep the ball rolling

The Gefira team has taken a year to analyze the current state of affairs in the world. The promising role of the BRICS countries has disappeared whilst the US still has the characteristics of a waning power and the European Union failed to become the world’s leader. The global economy cannot operate without a decisive intervention from central banks.
The Western powers did not succeed in bringing democracy to the Middle East and the conflicts with Islamists are intensifying. Nationalism in Europe is on the rise while the global elites keep on foisting a multicultural programme on their respective societies. The increasing uncertainty, the lack of convincing economic recovery and of global leadership is the result of the far-reaching changes in demographics with no comparable historical precedent. The Gefira team is one of the few research groups that understand that the dramatic changes in the world population will have a profound effect on financial markets, emerging countries, distribution of religions, migration and geopolitics. Since populations in Africa and South Asia are exploding whereas those of the developed world are shrinking, Western establishments are opting for a full population replacement in Europe and the USA; conversely, Japan and China will keep their borders shut, and we will see a 60% population decrease there. The reversal of a population decline can take 50 to 100 years. The Gefira will focus on the unprecedented demographic shifts we are experiencing right now; in this issue we take a look at the changes in China whose (especially working) population is about to shrink and whose urbanization will come to a halt within the coming 10 years; we also discuss the strategic role of the Russian and European space programmes. Buy a single issue or become contributor and recieve the next 10 issues.

4 comments on “Western establishments are opting for a full population replacement to keep the ball rolling

  • Rhys Jaggar says:

    There is nothing wrong with a 60% population decrease in either Japan or China as both are severely overpopulated. It is only nerds who fixate on GDP rather than per capita GDP or non-fiscal wuality of life issues who scream apocalypse.

    As an example: house price inflation renders GDP figures pointless. If you increase GDP to increase house debt, interest repayments and principal repayments, most are no better off. You could buy a decent house in 1960 in Britain for £3000, now £300,000 does not get you the same size of property. Why? Population increases, NIMBYism and desires to protect rural England.

    Britain would do best with 30 million inhabitants, even if 3000 inhabitants controlling land and homebuilding would do worse…..

    • It seems that the West needs constant growth to support the “1%”. How many times did European populations dwindle from disease and Still pulled themselves forward. I hate to say it, but until the 1% are addressed and their hand in all the messes going on, then nothing will change.

        • Stop beliving in jews conspiracy theory.
          Macron = not a jew
          Swedish PM = not a jew
          Trudeau = not a jew
          And all of them got got majority of votes by WHITE population from those countries. Its home traitors and marxists that are behind westerns fall. Jews are like what 15 million of world population of which many just live normal lives in Israel. Also most of jews today are genetically European, so Israel is like colony of Europeans. Israel also supported many far right (anti-muslim) movements in Europe. And its not jews who commit terrorist attacks in Europe


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