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Large scale riots in France, expect more to come. Updated 2018-07-13 9:00 GMT

For three nights straight, there have been riots between African migrants and the French police in the city of Nantes. The riots began after the police stopped and shot an alleged criminal, named Abubakar. Wednesday the police declared that they shot the African young man in self-defence after he tried to overrun a police officer.


The scale of the current riots in the French suburbs is larger than usual. The rioters torched numerous cars, a petrol station, a library, a school and several shops. There is even a report that a rifle bullet damaged a police officer helmet. On Friday afternoon the police admitted that the killing of Abubakar was not self-defence but an accident. The Gefira team expects riots in France to become more and more violent and eventually lethal. There will be a price to pay for the demographic change and the gradual ethnic replacement occurring in Western Europe and the US. There are signs that white French bourgeoisie youth will join the violent protests held by the Black Bloc and Antifa.

Minutes after the deadly shooting incident in Nantes on Tuesday 3 July 2018

After an intervention of the Police, during a barbecue organized in memory of Aboubakar Fofana, the urban revolts resume at Breil 3-4 cars were burned at the entrance to the neighborhood.

7 environmental activists of the ZAD (Zone to Defend) came to discuss with the inhabitants of the neighborhood  of Breil how to join forces against the state.

Sunny Sunday in the French city of Nantes

surveillance camera destroyed.

Face to face between FN and anti-fascists in . Front National came to support the CRS (police).

Nantes lives fourth night of riots with at least 35 cars set ablaze

The multiple burned cars in Rezé

Thousands of books in the library went up in smoke at Malakoff

The Chienlit pays homage to their deceased brother by destroying. It is a history of making a neighbourhood a ghetto and continue to play the victims. And the left supports these people.

Guys are so smart they burned even a gas station.

St. Mark’s Square Rouen last night: a banner rolled up and a smoke bombs “in support of Aboubaker”

Individuals set fire to the Leonardo da Vinci High School in Nantes. They burned the lodge and the vehicle of the reception officer. I salute the action of firefighters and law enforcement. The perpetrators of these criminal acts must be identified, arrested and convicted with the firmness + WDM

Some damage east of Nantes

In Nantes, in the Dervallieres district, there is nothing left except the bank and an Aldi. African outlaws burned all the rest of the shops during the night.

Escavator burns in the neighbourhood Bottiere also in Nantes.

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