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For Emmanuel Macron, “French has emancipated from its link with the French nation”

“our linguistic community is a living being enriched with new meanings”, and is the herald of a multilingual vision of defense. French. “When I speak French, I speak our French languages. Its epicenter is neither on the right nor on the left of the Seine. It is probably in the Congo Basin or somewhere in the region. ” “The population of the Francophone area is young. Offering him a future through education, vocational training, employment, commitment to the city, culture is our main challenge, “he explained. “The first fight of the Francophonie in the years to come, it is particularly the youth in Africa.” It underlines the importance of the fight to carry out “to deploy our language, our languages, but also the fight against obscurantism, forced marriages, the fight against oppression against women, for the education of young girls. ” Source Figaro

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