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The European Project Comes to an End

The end of the EU and the Balkans as China’s foothold in Europe

Though the end of the European Union is inevitable, the proponents of a further integrated or federal superstate are busy making a last effort to achieve their goal. The opposition against the project is mounting with every day. Europe is suffering from economic stagnation, and is facing a demographic calamity.

The pro-European establishment’s last hope was the newly-elected French President Emanuel Macron who was to revive the economy and integrate the European Union under French leadership. Gefira was of the opinion that all these expectations were misplaced. The once great nation is broken beyond repair. France’s problems are much worse than those of Italy. Though Italy has a higher debt-to-GDP ratio than France, France has a larger budget deficit, and the difference is that while Italy has a trade surplus France has a trade deficit, so the country cannot pay for its imports.

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While the Italian “populist” Mateo Salvini is earning the nation’s respect, Emmanuel Macron’s popularity is at a historic low. All of France is engulfed by riots, civil unrest and looting. In city after city, village after village, protesters have been clashing with the police for weeks now while President Macron has nothing to offer to appease them, unless he violates the budget deficit boundary of 3%.

Like the Soviet Union once was, France is a sizeable social-multicultural experiment, and like the empty shops in communist countries, the demographic changes in France are visible in every section of the society, but nobody dares to name them. Once the whole world saw that the French team playing at the FIFA World Cup was made up of almost exclusively Africans, and even on Twitter Africans boasted about it. Yet, the French establishment insisted that those Africans were genuinely French. Dissenters were branded as racists or Nazis.

Academia as well as the political and business establishment deny what is clear to see for all. The French society has lost its economic strength and its spirit. The country was once known for its first high-speed-trains (TGV) and Concorde, but now it is notorious for social dystopia and Islamist attacks.

To prove that they are right, the French and European elites will push the multicultural society even further by signing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Also the report entitled: “Replacement Migration: Is it a solution for an ageing population” is the United Nations’ comprehensive plan for replacing the European population.

The Fifth Republic has come to an end, and we do not expect President Macron will finish his term. France’s socio-economic collapse will drag the European Union into the abyss.

Now that the heart of Europe is ungovernable, its peripheries will not fare any better. The multicultural and multireligious Bosnia is not sustainable. The borders in the region will be redrawn again, which will come with a price. A war between Muslims and Christians in the Balkans will reverberate in the suburbs of Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin because of the Muslim large minorities there. The European establishment has allowed Islam to grow in Europe, and, strange enough, they believed that European Muslims would feel grateful for such generosity.

From the point of view of non-European powers the Balkans are a bridgehead worth fighting for. In the nineteenth century it was the Europeans who were expanding into China, now it is the Chinese who are trying to gain a foothold in Europe. Chinese investments and influence are growing in the Balkans. For centuries this part of Europe has been the battlefield between (Orthodox and Catholic) Christianity on the other hand and Islam on the other. Now a new global player has emerged in the region: China. For many Europeans, this part of Europe seems of little importance, but we think that ignoring the Balkans is going to be a fatal error. The conflicts there are far from being solved and the West through its ignorance of the intricacies of the Balkans’ history is stoking the fire by the solutions it implements there.

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According to the Gefira team, the next systemic crisis will happen around 2020 as the oil price is back at 100 dollar and German mass retirement begin. There is a high risk of war on the Old Continent. However, it is not Russia but Turkey that is the most imminent threat.

It is not the emerging markets, nor public or private debt that should be of interest to investors but instead the shrinking populations in the developed world. Japan is the first country that experiences a diminishing number of people, and for that reason, it pursuing extraordinary monetary and fiscal policies.The decrease in the European and US populations will have dire economic consequences, and after 2025 China will join the club of dying nations.

Apart from China and Russia, economic growth in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia is dependent on the developed countries which see a dramatic shrinkage of their populations.


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T.Dankers, Editor-in-chief

6 comments on “The European Project Comes to an End

  • Comment Leaver says:

    “The Gefira research team is the only one that is acutely aware of the importance of the current unprecedented demographic changes not seen before in all of history.”

    You are far from the only one that recognizes the importance of demographic changes. This is a ridiculous claim for you to make. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see what it entails for the future. You don’t need a team of eggheads to figure it out.

    • You are right, and many private people notice this.
      But can you name me one research team who dare to make the same claim? We are happy to contact them. We have reached “migration watch” that is now headed by Alp Mehmet, not your typical Brit. They did not dare to confirm our devastating results for the UK, because they regard 3-generation immigrant as British as the queen of England.
      Please send u the research organisation, active scientist or economist who come to the same conclusion. We are honestly interested to contact them.

    • Yes, do it, please. I only know of private people doing that and would like to find organisations, think tanks or whatever who dare say the obvious.

  • Every empire is a multicultural project – even the US, even China. People of different background can easily be integrated in it – provided that they are not forced out in the margins. But that implies that the economy is working.

    Europe has stifled itself in a zero-growth project. Private business doesn’t invest because people have no purchasing power. And the state – which should invest when private business doesn’t – refuses to invest, referring to mumbo-jumbo neo-classic economics. The reason is fairly clear: it is not in the interest of financial capital to do so because that would imply that its hold over the economy slips. And what financial capital says goes, at least in Europe.

    Not in China, however. They are productionists. That is why their economy flowers.

  • Scarlett Stone says:

    The Alt Right, far from being the “nazis” that the captured media has condemned them to be, has been vocal about the racial displacement of the West with deliberate NGO money and Cultural Marxist indoctrination for more than 50 years!
    For that alarm, they are deplatformed, jailed and unpersoned.
    The U.N. game has been accelerated since 2015 with the assistance of treasonous pawns like Merkle, May, Juncker et al who give each other “Charlemagne Awards” aka Kalergi awards for racial and ethnic replacement of White people.
    If those with ANY pulpit don’t start calling it out fearlessly, you and your children will be swept away forever.
    A little testicular fortitude would go a long way and catch on quickly.

    • Tony Holland says:

      Correct,and the answer is,STOP returning the Con/Lab liars cheats and appeasers to Westminster every 5years,these charlatans are different sides of the same coin,they will between them facilitate the destruction of our country because of their support for the ‘unfortunate’ immigrants that travel throughout Europe looking for the ‘best deal’ before invading the country that hands out the most in benefits and has government in control that put the interests of invaders before the indigenous peoples,before our ‘old’ people, before our service personnel on the streets,before the homeless living in cardboard boxes waiting for the food banks to open.This of course is a continuation of the disastrous short sighted ‘immigration’ policies that have been followed for fifty years by both parties to bolster voting numbers and facilitate the low wage economomies that suite their agendas,GET THE TREACHEROUS BASTARDS OUT,give a peoples party like UKIP the chance to turn it around before things go past the point of no return,don’t worry about the ‘fiscal’ credentials of any ‘new’ party,seems they wouldn’t have much of an act to follow but they would prioritise the calamitous problems created by the trough snufflers currently digging the hole from which escape for the Nation will soon not be possible,lets give another party the chance to restore our faith in the political process.



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