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They will help Poland strip herself of her property

Poland is under attack. Almost all of the one hundred US senators have signed a letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in which they urge him to cause the US government to “help Poland to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.” What is the issue? How does the United States want to help Poland? Do the senators want to implement a belated Marshall, whose benefits were reaped by Western Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War, plan to boost Polish economy as a kind of compensation for the 1945 Yalta Agreements within the framework of which it sold Poland to the Soviet sphere of interests? Or maybe the senators want to render military assistance against Russia by injecting the Polish budget with finances enabling her to purchase up-to-date equipment and thus upgrade her army? Or maybe they urge the Secretary of State to lift from the Polish citizens – representatives of an allied nation – the obligation of having to apply for a visa if they want to travel to the United States?

None of these. The letter addressed to Michael Pompeo has been written to “encourage him to pursue bold initiatives” to… strip Poland of a huge amount of property and transfer it to Jews – you guessed it right: holocaust survivors – and Jewish organizations. What property? Anything owned by the Jews before 1945, and even afterwards, by the Jews who were at that time Polish citizens. Anything irrespective of the fact whether there are heirs to the property or not. Polish courts honour the documented claims submitted by rightful heirs, but that is not what is meant by S.447 – Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017, where we read that “in the case of heirless property, the provision of property or compensation” should nevertheless be demanded “to assist needy Holocaust survivors, Holocaust education, and for other purposes”. The document also stipulates that also “wrongfully seized or transferred” property be returned to individual Jews or Jewish organizations, where the term “wrongfully seized or transferred includes confiscations, expropriations, nationalizations, forced sales or transfers, and sales or transfers under duress during the Holocaust era or the period of Communist rule.”

There are two things that hit straight in the eye. First, the tribal or racial approach to the problem. It is Jews as a tribe that must be compensated for. It does not matter whether a property has a documented heir or not, nor does it matter that at the time when Jews were owners they were all Polish citizens to the man, which under any system of law means that heirless property is taken over by the state. Second, “wrongfully seized or transferred” property during “the period of Communist rule” refers to the years following the Second World War, a time when Poland was ruled by a communist party which carried out “confiscations, expropriations, nationalizations, forced sales or transfers” of all kinds of means of production and other property and these acts were implemented for the most part by Polish Jews who staffed – at times – the majority or near-majority of the decision-making levels of government, the communist party and law enforcement. What chutzpah!

The estimated value that Poland would have to surrender is an unimaginable two or three billion dollars. What will happen if the country refuses to comply? If Poland does not pay through the nose, she will be “publicly attacked and humiliated in the international forum”, said already in 2008 Israel Singer, General Secretary of the World Jewish Congress. All the countries have had to yield to Jewish demands. Poland is next on the hit list. Her government will comply so much so that it is begging the United States to establish in her territory American troops and has made itself dependent on the West. Of course, such an amount of reimbursement will not be paid within days. Most probably, property like state-owned forests and shares in state-owned large enterprises will be offered, partly or whole to Jews and Jewish organizations. Endowed with such an amount of wealth, the Jews would become the indisputable ruling class, with native Poles as second-category citizens in their own country. A Palestine in Eastern Europe in the making.

Consider for a moment that Jewish tribal claims to lost property are legitimate. If so, then logically – unless Jews enjoy an exceptional status of a chosen nation, which runs counter to any values professed by the West – anybody’s claims and any tribe’s claims to lost property ought to be satisfied: those of Poles who were forced to leave present-day Western Ukraine and Western Belarus; those of Germans who were forced to leave parts of Poland and Czechia. Further, why constrain the application of such claims to only the Second World War and a few years afterwards? All nations across Europe, nay, all over the world should start demanding compensation for lost heirless property, individually and collectively. Have not Palestinians been systematically driven out of their land and disinherited from their property? Can we picture to ourselves what conflicts, antagonisms and hatred would such claims spark?

It is asserted – and Jews are among the most ardent proponents of this idea – that it is not nations that are important but political entities like states and that anybody can become a German, French, British or Italian citizen even if his race, creed, language, ethnicity are entirely other than those of the host nation. It is asserted nowadays – and Jews are again champions of this assertion – that aliens from any corner of the world can, should and surely will assimilate and integrate into host societies and renounce their loyalty to the country or nation of origin. How come then those who disseminate such ideas demonstrate all of a sudden some of the most tribal instincts? Is that not proof enough that what they are trying to make others believe is by no means not what they believe themselves? Should Algerian, Moroccan, Turkish, Jamaican, Somalian heirless property be claimed from France, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden by the governments of Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Jamaica, and Somalia? Heirless property by law belongs to the state or else we end up in a world torn apart by endless national, ethnic, religious and racial conflicts. Or are we to believe that this racial attitude is only reserved to those who once despoiled ancient Egypt and enshrined this despoliation as something admirable in their Sacred Books?

– Compensation for Damages Suffered Under Nazi and Soviet Occupations,
– S.447 – Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017,

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