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Nature has been given respite

A police investigator can see the results and traces that the perpetrator has left, but knows nothing about who the perpetrator is and what his motivations may have been. In order to begin the investigation, he must make assumptions that come to mind on the basis of what has already been asserted. What has been asserted?

The whole Northern Hemisphere has been brought to a standstill because of a flu. Industries have been stymied, millions of people are out of work, if temporarily, money is being made out of thin air and doled out to predetermined recipients. The restrictions are abided by by so different political players as China, Russia, the European Union and the United States. What are the vested interests? Which are the ways to implement them?

For decades now we have been witnessing the environmentalist movements budding here and there and growing more and more active, not to say aggressive. Their alarmist messages included catastrophic prophecies about the planet either turning to a wasteland or experiencing a second deluge; about people starving to death or having no place to live; about nature suffering excruciating pains at the hand of the merciless and thoughtless humans. The appeals that have been addressed to people and governments have not been properly responded to, at least not to a degree that might satisfy the environment-protection alarmists. What do they do next?

Consider: they have money, they have money to burn so that they can easily influence the media and leading politicians. They can make use of celebrities, lobbyists and influencers: the three occupations? vocations? invented for the purpose of shaping governmental policies and public opinion. They have money, they have the influence and still they can hardly make people – whom they have for the most part mentally converted to their Mother-Earth creed – reduce consumption. And look, here arrives the virus – a deadly threat – on the world stage. How fittingly!

The dreaded name – see oh vee eye dee, assigned an enigmatic-cum-scientific number of one score less one – strikes fear into the hearts of millions and compels them to run like clockwork: obediently, compliantly, and complaisantly. The whole action is well orchestrated, nothing is left to chance. There are still those who might want to oppose the herd instinct, those who orient themselves by authorities other than those worldly ones. Never mind them. They have also been taken care of. They, too, will be rounded up in the same sheep pen. The Catholic Church has also been harnessed and is now worshipping Mother Earth. The Pope himself rather than talking about divine retribution for grave sins is preaching about transgressions against nature and nature’s resultant angry response. His predecessors used to gift their guests or talk partners with a rosary, the present pontiff endows them with pot flowers!

See oh vee eye dee comes in handy: it has been used to give respite to nature writ large, hasn’t it? The level of pollution has significantly dropped, wild animals are spotted in the places where they have never dared to tread, fossil fuels are in low demand and people are being taught how to renounce the pleasures provided by high technology.

Man has been repeatedly proclaimed to be the heaviest burden on the planet. Enter see oh vee eye dee and the burden has been made lighter somewhat. Think about all those elderly people who are now dying – isolated, left to their own devices, uncared for – in the many centres established for them in the senile white man’s world! Another problem straightened out, with barely anybody paying attention.

Nature has been given respite. See oh vee eye dee has been far more effective than a cohort of Greta Thunbergs, has it not? Far more efficacious than a thousand of school climate strikes. Far more potent than all that talk about the thinning ozone layer, about the climate that is now warming, now cooling, now changing in who knows which direction; far more effective than those ramblings about pollution and contamination. Almost the whole Northern Hemisphere’s economic activity has been put on hold for a few months. No military conflict could effect anything remotely comparable.

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