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Dis-United States of America

We all remember those shots. American troops are entering Baghdad. A tank stops somewhere in the city, cautiously, in the vicinity of a Saddam Hussein monument. After a few minutes of apparent inactivity, a crowd is beginning to form around the monument. The crowd is not all that big. It rallies around the figure of Iraq’s president. Soon an American soldier climbs the monument and puts an American flag on it. An Iraqi intervenes, so the flag is replaced with the Iraqi one. And then, then some individuals begin to climb the statue, a crane arrives from somewhere, a steel rope is attached to the monument and the crane drives slowly back, taunting the line and gradually slanting the president’s image to its feet. Eventually the figure drops to the ground and the cheering people dance around it, deliver it kicks and carry some of the pieces that fell off in the process away.

The alien forces have conquered the capital city of the enemy and performed an age-old ritual that victors used to perform in the presence of the vanquished: Americans demolished the material symbol of the enemy’s sovereignty and by doing it they also humiliated the routed nation.

In the nineties of the 20th century we could all see angry Russians in Moscow, but also angry Poles in Warsaw and equally angry residents of other European capitals tearing down monuments from the communist era, especially those of Comrade Felix Dzerzhinsky, the notorious head of the Cheka (from: Всероссийская чрезвычайная комиссия, i.e. Vserossiyskaya chrezvychaynaya komissiya = The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission).

Since the dawn of history monuments would be put up and torn down. Either act reflected a huge political, social, religious or demographic change. Monuments are erected by common consent of the majority of a given (national, social, religious, political) community, in which case they are wanted as a tribute to or a memory of the community’s most cherished heroes or values, or they are enforced by occupying forces, in which case they are hated by those against whose will they have been put up.

Monuments are only desecrated, defaced, toppled or destroyed by the enemies of those who built them. Americans in Iraq and a part of Iraqi nation was against Saddam Hussein; a rather large part of the Russian nation nurtured bitter memories concerning the henchmen of their ancestors like Felix Dzerzhinsky, so they vented their anger on his images the moment an opportunity presented itself. The divide between those who put up the monuments and those who hated the sight of them was in each case insurmountable. What was dear to the former, was abhorrent to the latter.

Recently a huge wave of monument desecration and monument removal has swept the United States and to a much lesser extent Europe. It is mostly the heroes of the American South – generals of the Army of the Confederate States – that are targeted, but not only. Also abolitionists,1)Hans Christian Heg was an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. fighters for American independence of other nationalities,2)Rioters vandalise statue of Polish-US hero Tadeusz Kościuszko as violent protests erupt across America, The First News. Christian missionaries3)Junipero Serra statue toppled in downtown L.A., Los Angeles Times. and even Jesus Christ himself.4)Shaun King: ‘STATUES of the White European They Claim Is Jesus Should Also Come Down’, Black Enterprise. John Wayne may not be spared the same fate either5)Democrats want John Wayne Airport renamed after ‘I believe in white supremacy’ interview resurfaces, so much so that a monument to a Portland elk – his ancestor was presumably a slave owner and the elk – a confirmed racist – fell victim to the rage of American iconoclasts.6)Iconic Portland elk statue removed from downtown after fire set during protest, The Oregonian.

If Americans torch their national flag, then US needs no enemies.

All this is taking place amid riots caused by the death of a frequent prison inmate who was caught by the police while suspected of paying with counterfeit money. The activists of the Black Lives Matter movement, supported by Antifa7)What’s Antifa and its role in Black Lives Matter protests? TRT World. and heavily sponsored by the powers that be and spurned on by the democrats performed the usual acts of protest: burning cars and looting shops. This time two qualitatively new elements have been added: one is the toppling or desecration of monuments and the other is forcing the police officers to kneel to the rioters. All this is happening because it is wanted by at least a significant part of the establishment, democrats in the first place, who having failed to impeach Donald Trump, having stopped America’s and the world’s economies due to the so called pandemic now are playing another trump card in yet another effort to thwart the president incumbent from being elected for the second term.

Shamelessness as a revolutionary act (which see)

The democrats have decided to use American blacks to create chaos and make a distressing impression on US citizens who should come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is not capable of running the country. History provides ample examples when a part of the elites willing to topple the current ruler would resort to the help of the masses in order to force the ruler’s abdication or resignation. Such was the case in France in the run-up to the French Revolution, such was the case in Russia in the run-up to the Russian revolution. In France it was the so-called third class that was used for the purpose, in Russia it was the proletariat, now in the United States it is the easily excitable blacks. History teaches us that a genie let out of the bottle cannot be put back at a moment’s notice. Either the democrats have not been attentive during their history classes or their hatred of Donald Trump is so intense that they don’t care.

What a splendid alliance!

What is happening now in the Land of the Free makes the whole world wonder. It fits the definition of a cultural revolution – modelled on its Chinese or Bolshevik predecessors – or a colour revolution known from the streets of Belgrade, Tunis, Cairo, Tbilisi, Kiev and many other places. If the latter is the correct interpretation then the question arises whether this time the process was initiated – as usual – by the CIA or whether it is the boomerang hitting back the thrower. Be that as it may – power struggle apart – the events reveal a few important things.

[1] Americans are not a uniform, coherent nation and never will be: it is always blacks against whites, though the discrimination laws are a thing of the past, how much more slavery. Assimilation or integration – so much propagated in Europe in view of the influx of the people from the Third World – does not work in the least. The two races share the same terrain, language and religion and still remain far part.

[2] Monument desecration and removal is a fight against memory. Memoriae damnatio or the Orwellian black hole is a well-known historical phenomenon. Invaders of Egypt necessarily obliterated the images of pharaohs; Arab conquerors smashed images of ancient heroes or Christian saints; Christians would destroy pagan idols; Byzantine iconoclasts raised their hands against paintings depicting Jesus Christ and saints; protestants would do the same a couple of centuries later in northern and western Europe; French revolutionaries would even stoop down to extracting corpses of the long-dead French kings – Capetians, Valois, Bourbons – and desecrating them; Bolsheviks in Russia would do the same with the remnants of the tsarist past; even worse: factions of Bolsheviks would delete from very recent memory yesterday’s comrades.

[3] The BLM movement is racist to the core. It is aimed against whites and whites alone. It is strong because it is supported by the democratic party and its adherents and a number of foundations. That it is anti-white is evident. White actors have been discouraged from impersonating or even voicing characters of colour, which, however, is not the case when it comes to black actors who are increasingly frequently cast in typically white roles. It is only and exclusively whites who are accused of being racist.

[4] Humiliation of the white population and especially of the police. The pictures of white people kneeling to blacks and of the policemen – armed to their teeth – to the rioters have been spread worldwide. It is an act of humiliation pure touted of course as an act of interracial reconciliation and mutual respect.

[5] As usual, whenever a black gets killed in a squabble or a scuffle African-Americans, Antifa and the mainstream media are quick to pass judgement without waiting for the court sentence, which runs counter to the well-established procedure that no one is deemed guilty until proven. The pressure exerted by the rioters and the media without doubt negatively affects the decision of the judges who later deal with the case.

[6] What is happening is certainly wanted by a large part of the establishment or else it wouldn’t have been happening. Black rioters know that they can enjoy a lot of leeway and they act accordingly, looting and burning and showing disrespect for the law and the police. Many a mayor or police chief – usually a democrat and a black – under the pretext of deescalating the conflicts withdraws the law enforcement units from parts of the city that they are in charge of. Consider the so-called autonomous zones in Seattle and New York held for a time by rioters. The powers that be could suppress the riots within 24 hours if they only wanted to. As it is, they are using irascible black communities (agitated by Antifa activists) to create turmoil and thus to achieve political goals. Just picture to yourself a rally of genuine Nazis raising their hands in the Roman salute: how long would they hold a public space?

Welcome to the DSA: the Dis-United States of America!

Fist was the emblem of Communists, South African black fighters and the anti-Miloshevich Otpor movement in Serbia.

People occupying parts of the city called autonomous zones remind the Kiev Maidan protesters. They spend days and nights doing nothing, but somehow they do not go hungry. In both cases the police are either inactive or indolent. The Maidan riots in Kiev brought about the change of the government. The powers that be must be counting on the same in the Dis-United States of America.

How do we know that the riots are instigated, sponsored and used by the powers that be? Precisely because of the inactivity and indolence of the police, because of the inactivity and indolence of local; authorities, because of the media’s condoning tone towards the events. Lastly, history teaches us that revolutions, are made by means of popular protests and these protests are paid by very rich individuals. Professional revolutionaries whose task it was to destabilize Russia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries were in the pocket of Alexander Parvus (born: Israel Gelfand) and Jacob Schiff. Individuals that later became the driving forces of the coup d’etat – Leon Trotsky (born: Lev Bronstein), creator of the Red Army – did not have to bother about their living.

The deletion of historical memory and the renunciation of the heroes of the past paves the way for replacing the United States of America with something new. Maybe the Union of Soviet States of America? At present it is the images, effigies, and monuments that are beheaded, trampled upon, kicked and drowned. Tomorrow it may very likely be people. Such are the dynamics of any revolutionary movement.

Toppling of monuments ushers in a new era.

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