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A Continental Rift

While the United States has been seeing a number of monuments being toppled, the Russian and Belorussian presidents have recently unveiled a grand memorial to the Soviet soldier fighting fiercely during the Second World War at Rzhev, where the number of victims surpassed that at Verdun during the First World War. A ideological, so to say, hiatus between the two countries – Russia and the United States – is enormous.

Protesters Try To Tear Down Andrew Jackson Statue In DC As Monument Debate Grows | Today, YouTube.


Compare the above with the below.

A Soviet soldier with his uniform morphing into cranes (Cf. The 1957 world-famous Soviet feature war film The Cranes Are Flying.). Source: Открытие мемориала Советскому солдату подо Ржевом, NTV YouTube.  

A large part of the American society – more or less half of it – is made up of either aliens who naturally do not like the country they live in or self-hating Americans, who are ashamed of their own history and their own heroes. In Russia and Belarus the percentage of self-hating Russians or Belorussians is far smaller. Yes, Russians and Belorussians suffer from the inferiority complex when they compare themselves with the West, and in both countries there is the fifth column made up of intellectuals who are addicted to Western grants and lauds, but even they – at least for the time being – would not dare to dismantle the monuments to the Russian or even Soviet past.

Aliens have been brought to the United States as slaves or they have been flocking in, especially recently, encouraged to do so by the American left or liberals. Some of them almost as soon as they have set foot on American soil, begin to work against the country that has shown them hospitality and given many opportunities. A prime example is Ilhan Omar, an émigré from Somalia, who dares to openly speak about dismantling the system of oppression, as she calls it, because the United States is nothing but “systemic, institutional or environmental racism, accompanied by police brutality and accountability resulting in a systemic trauma.” That’s what the speech of that democratic party US-representative boils down to.

President Putin honouring the Rhev heroes. Source: Открытие мемориала Советскому солдату подо Ржевом, NTV YouTube.


Ilhan Omar raving against systemic, institutional and environmental racism. Source: Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls for Federal Action to Address Institutional Racism, YouTube.

But hey, one might oppose, it is mainly slave owners whose monuments are being pulled down! This remark does not explain anything in the least. Russian heroes – General Suvorov (the one who successfully fought against Napoleon Bonaparte) or world-famous poet Alexander Pushkin – were owners of hundreds or thousands of serfs. Who were the serfs? Serfs is another name for slaves for all practical purposes, slaves who worked the land and tended the livestock. In Russia they could be sold like cattle, they did not enjoy any kind of personal freedom like choosing a profession or even a spouse. And still, no descendant of those serfs demands that monuments to serf-owners be destroyed. Barely anybody has the awareness that his forefathers were serfs, and those who know it for fact that they are descended from serfs would never come upon the idea of demanding compensation for it. That’s what racial coherence is worth: once you remove social barriers, in two or three generations the old social distinctions cease to exist even in human memory or psyche. It is not so when the social divide overlaps with that of racial as can be seen on the example of the United States.

One might also argue – and rightly so – that in the United States it is the ethnic minorities – like indigenous Indians or arrivals from Mexico – that revolt against white America and do not identify with American past. Yet, the Russian Federation also comprises a number of ethnic and racial minorities – some of them indigenous, some originating in recent immigration – minorities, of which the indigenous have their own autonomous republics or regions, and they do not disrupt the Federation from within. Yes, there were regional wars during the time of the Yeltsin era, but they occurred when the central government was extremely weak, they were supported by the West and they occurred in very few such ethnic regions.

The divide between the United States and Russia runs really deep. Talking about monuments, it is not only that in America heroes of the past are trampled and spat upon: the Land of the Free can boast about having the statue of Baphomet, which was erected in 2015 and commissioned by the Satanic Temple. This fact was met with disbelief on the part of the Russian president and he voiced this disbelief in a 2013 speech at the Valdai International conference.1)Заседание международного дискуссионного клуба «Валдай», To think of it: historical rumour has it that monuments to Satan were put up in the very early years of Bolshevik Russia. Rumour apart, the fact is that between the years 1922-1941 The Bezbozhnik (Godless) magazine was published in the Soviet Union, which was vehemently anti-Christian. Since then, the country has reversed course. Today it is not a monument to Satan but an impressive military cathedral that has been put up. What a reversal of values! Russia standing for traditional Christian heritage and the United States sliding towards state-sponsored religious indifference approaching anti-Christianity and Satanism.

The Satanic Temple’s Baphomet monument in front of the state capitol building in Little Rock, Arkansas,” The Satanic Temple Is No Laughing Matter, Wired.

Contrast the above with the below.

Russian church launches cathedral dedicated to armed forces, Al Jazeera YouTube.


The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church together with the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Military. Source: Russian church launches cathedral dedicated to armed forces, Al Jazeera YouTube.

The United States also has a strong LGTB movement, so strong that the country occasionally prefers to hoist the rainbow flag rather than its own. The Russian equivalent of this movement has a rather hard time: the so-called love parades are forbidden and generally LGTB activists have little leeway in the Russian Federation.

The US society is deeply split with the president enjoying the support of more or less half of it; the Russian Federation is to a much greater degree coherent: President Putin has been enjoying the trust of the clear majority of the Federation’s citizens for two decades now and the referendum over the amendments to the country’s constitution showed a roughly 70% support of the proposed changes. And just as American oligarchs openly operate against the incumbent president, their Russian counterparts are rather cooperative with their president, with the exception of those who have either fled the country or been forced to do so.

What has happened to the world? The post-Soviet area tends to be Christian and traditional, with people cherishing their past; the West has become post-Christian, self-hating and in a process of a profound change that points to Satanic worship.

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1. Заседание международного дискуссионного клуба «Валдай»,

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