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No F***king Around Coalition

or how ethnic, racial, religious or social minorities are revolutionary (read: subversive) rams in the hands of the managers of the world.

If you think that it was Lenin or Mao who victoriously conducted the seizure of power without someone heavily investing in them, their parties and comrades, then think again.

In July this year, much to white Americans’ horror, two marches, made up of blacks – armed with assault weapons, masked, clad in black military gear – were held in the United States: one in the Stone Mountain Memorial Park (July 4) and the other in Louisville, Kentucky (July 25). They were organized by what touts itself as No F***king Around Coalition (NFAC), which is led by John Grandmaster Jay Johnson. That’s at least what he calls himself. In the few disjointed statements that Grandmaster Jay graciously delivered one can learn that the NFAC protests against the systemic racism (as usual), acts of white violence (how many times have we heard this?) and he even demands a separate territory for blacks with Texas being an option.

Grandmaster Jay. Source: Roland S. Marin, YouTube.

These are the facts, such are the events. Now a few observations.

[1] The United States is a huge mechanism that transfers billions of dollars from white, diligent, hard-working, entrepreneurial taxpayers to black communities. In other words: whites have become slaves to blacks. It is not merely the money transfer, but the whole range of benefits that blacks receive by the strength of the affirmative action laws (and they receive them to the detriment of whites who are virtually blocked from universities and jobs while competing with less deserving blacks) and the pervasive atmosphere of the virtual worship of the black man and the suppression of the white man. Still, American blacks feel exploited and harmed by white racism.

[2] The Black Lives Matter movement, the riots in the many American cities plus the aforementioned No F***king Around Coalition would not have managed to so much as begin their operations, even less so get mass media positive attention if they all were not supported by the powers that be and tolerated by the national and local authorities which turn a blind eye to almost everything that these organizations are doing nowadays.

[3] For all the billions of dollars spent on social engineering, racial divisions are becoming deeper and deeper. The riots, protests and clashes have kept ebbing and flowing since the time of the introduction of coerced black-white coeducation, the I-have-a-dream speech and the Guess-Who’s-Coming-to-Dinner-like Hollywood propaganda.

[4] One cannot but gain an overriding impression that the current events are wanted and that the closer we are to the presidential election, the more intensive the upheaval will be. Portland and other disturbances resemble the Kiev Maidan revolt or – more broadly – colour revolutions around the globe. Since colour revolutions have all been instigated by American powers that be, it seems the chickens have come home to roost. Black rioters probably have no idea that they are used as a ram – a revolutionary fist – with which someone wants to destabilize the United States and prevent President Donald Trump from being re-elected. Such minority groups have frequently been used in human history to topple governments and disrupt political systems. These may have been national, racial, religious or social minorities, as the case may be but it is always minorities that bring the political pressure to bear.

How relevant is all this for Europe? Since time immemorial the Old Continent has been racially homogeneous. For a few decades now, it is increasingly no longer so. Since more or less the end of the Second World War the powers that be began the operation of dismantling at first the ethnic and then the racial homogeneity of European nations. This process has been accelerating with its recent peak being reached in 2015 and – beyond question – it is not going to be stopped. Beyond doubt the European powers that be know about the problems that the United States has been having with its blacks; furthermore, the managers of Europe have seen similar racially-motivated riots in Western Europe now and again, and yet – and despite it all – they continue importing people from other continents in large numbers. Since they must know what an average citizen knows – an the average citizen knows, well, experiences it that different races sharing the same territory are irreconcilable – the only conclusion is that for some reason the managers of the world want it that way. What do they want it for?

Probably to always have a revolutionary ram with which to destroy the old world which they obviously hate and to split the masses of people into smaller ethnic and racial groups which mutually hate each other. Divided, the motley populace will never be able to shake off the yoke of the managers of the world. Torn by constant riots and disturbances, the common people with yearn for peace, and in this desperation they will be ready to allow the powers that be to apply any and all solutions that neither Yevgeny Zamyatin (“We”), nor Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World”) or George Orwell (“1984”) could ever think possible, like constant tracking of each individual, biological identity and a total mind control. China’s Social Credit System is already in operation. Much the same is being applied in the so called Free World: political correctness is such a social credit system which blacklists or whitelists the citizens according to their behaviour and even mere words.

Neither black rioters on either side of the Atlantic nor their white fellow travellers have the slightest understanding of what purpose they serve, just like their historical counterparts who catapulted to power Lenin, Mao, or Pol Pot. Those comrades of old, too, were deeply convinced that they were fighting to – as it is repeated in naive song lyrics – make the world a better place.

3 comments on “No F***king Around Coalition

  • So you’re mr know it all eh? I think you are just scared of what is to come. You know, the social changes like homosexuality out of the closet. Shemales reading books to your kids now. Funny you didn’t mention in the above, but I will remind you of where this world is headed thanks to your evil kind. Feminist lesbians replacing you and promoting gay life styles on your children. Meanwhile your race declining to procreate. The doom is gloom of KARMA is surely headed your way.

  • It’s not about blacks, whites, yellows, gays, lesbians, old, young, politics, right, wrong, right wing, left wing, poverty, rich, working class, homeless, man, woman, etc.etc.

    It is always the same: Power.

    In what manner you can realize that:
    “When you have the debt under control, you have everything under control”.

  • This seems to be written by a scared, and utterly ignorant, teenager from his parents basement. But yeah, whatever the demonstrations in the US are aimed only at preventing Trump’s reelection, racism doesn’t exist, Covid19 is bogus, amd the earth is flat. It’s so pathetic that it doesn’t deserve more comment.


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