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Illegal immigration into Europe continues #alwaysandeverywhere

We collected TikTok videos from 2019 and 2020. Thanks to Open Source Intelligence – OSINT – we gain an insight into the influx of Africans and Central Asians to Europe. During the 2015 immigration crisis, 1.2 million people applied for asylum in Europe. In 2017, the number of asylum applications decreased by 50%. The influx remains high and keeps increasing. In 2010, 185,000 asylum applications were registered, in 2019, this number reached 613,000. Covid-19 has only stopped registration: the influx continues.


Young North African males cross the Mediterranean by boat on their way to Europe. Moroccans regularly arrive on the Spanish beaches. It is unknown whether they are registered as refugees. The Italian Island of Lampedusa accommodates new arrivals from Tunisia and Libya. In order to relieve the island, large groups of Africans are regularly shipped to mainland Europe. NGOs – such as Spanish Open Arms – are also active in the Mediterranean. Not only do rubber dinghies but also pleasure yachts packed with people leave Turkey for the Greek islands and Italy.

As in 2015, so in 2020, thousands of young men will be making their way through Greece, Serbia and Bosnia to Western Europe. Remarkably, the Western media are silent about it. The Pakistanis or Afghans that we have encountered on social media travelled to Bosnia via Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

Turkey buses immigrants to the Greek border to destabilise Europe. Iran takes interest in a large Islamic underclass in Europe. The Serbian authorities are directing the immigrants towards Bosnia. Serbs in Bosnia transport the Asians to Bihać, a Muslim town in Bosnia. In Bihać, which is close to the border with Croatia, the men are taken care of in big camps. The presence of large groups of Pakistanis and Afghans leads to mounting tension between the arrivals and the local population. It is estimated that between 30,000 and 50,000 Afghan and Pakistani men take up temporary residence on the Croatian border. If the number of people is large enough, they will eventually forcibly cross the border with Croatia. Some of the immigrants show little patience. Thousands of Muslim men make their way through mountains and forests into the Schengen Area. Europe’s external borders – except the frontier between Hungary and Serbia – are poorly guarded and Frontex is hardly present. Once in the Schengen Area, the immigrants continue unhindered to France, Germany or the Netherlands.

In 2015, 1.2 million people applied for asylum in Europe. Since then, the massive influx has not stopped but slowed down. In 2018 and 2019 combined there were as many asylum applications as in 2015. More than 5 million people have applied for asylum in the European Union since 2010, which is as many as the entire population of Norway or Denmark. Every day there arrive as many asylum immigrants in Europe as there are German children born at the same time.

The number of unregistered immigrants remains unknown. The overwhelming majority of immigrants do not leave Europe even if their asylum applications are turned down. These immigrants receive support from local authorities, they earn money illegally through platforms such as Uber or by committing a crime. Millions of illegal Africans and Asians reside in Europe and the number continues to grow rapidly. European governments almost never deport immigrants. The law is not enforced when it comes to immigration. It is to be expected that these immigrants or their children will eventually be legalized. In Italy, hundreds of thousands of illegals receive residence status. As in the US, many European cities have their own immigration policies that are in breach of national policies and legislation. They provide shelter, training and other facilities for illegal immigrants.

In Pakistan alone, the number of young people matches that of the young people in the entire European Union. The number of young people in Pakistan continues to grow rapidly. The number of young people in Africa is exploding. In the coming years, the flow of immigrants to Europe will only increase. The number of young white Europeans will continue to decrease dramatically. Immigration is part of a major demographic transition. This impending demographic “third” transition is referred to as replacement-immigration or the so-called “great replacement”. In many large European cities, the indigenous youth are already a minority… while the influx of Africans and Asians continues, Always And Everywhere.



One comment on “Illegal immigration into Europe continues #alwaysandeverywhere

  • I don’t comment ever. I’m not on social networks. I am a news junkie raised in USA by European parents.
    I came across your website and am intrigued. I commend the articles you’ve selected. Contemporary, thoughtful and non biased. Strictly valuable information about what is going on in different countries. Having lived in some of them, I think you have gleaned important topics as the world is changing. Thank you. I love what you are doing.


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