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Gefira #49 The Great Reset

Gefira 49 looks forward to the coming year. What will it be like? Will there be no end to the pandemic? Are we going to have a third wave or will we be saved by the vaccine? The effects of the measures taken by various authorities worldwide and occasioned by the virus are comparable to the aftermath of a war: flagging economy, large-scale structural unemployment, lingering uncertainty, and a sense of growing insecurity. As usual, we hear that the world will not be the same, that we will wake up in a reality much different to what we have been used to. Governments are not trying to calm us down; rather, they have been whipping up anxiety and frenzy. Why?

There are big, supranational players that have seized the opportunity and are quite open about creating a new world for us. They are intent on introducing a new type of capitalism, they are boasting about “building back better”, they are painting a rosy future with the aid of all the technological devices and scientific solutions that have been advanced and accumulated recently. Will this world be still human or already transhuman? We are promised to be participating in a grand vision of making everyone happy. Have we not heard it before? We are told we need to save the planet and make our economy sustainable. Everything must be sustainable and all goods universally accessible. And pretty soon! It is a breath-taking vision of serenity and satiety outlined for us by our benefactors. Is it not too good to be true? One almost feels tempted to say: May God defend us from our friends: we can defend ourselves from our enemies.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #49 is available now

  • The Great Reset
  • The world after the Corona pandemic
  • Stakeholder capitalism or a new face of communism
  • The birth of a new religion

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