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Rape, crime ring and occult financing : Why Time magazine is wrong about Assa Traoré?

Author Gallia Daily – Voice of France

In December 2020, the American newspaper “Time” made Assa Traoré, a Malian living in France, the spokesperson and symbol of the global anti-racist struggle.

Assa Traoré is the sister of Adama Traoré, who died in 2016 while in police custody. Since that day, the man’s sister has been claiming that he was killed by systemic racism and police violence. She thus launched a movement similar to Black Lives Matter, the “Adama Committee” (Comité Adama)

The story sounds beautiful… The story of a strong African woman who resists the racist white French state in the name of her brother’s memory… Yet, the reality is much darker and “Time” has fallen into the trap.

Let us return to the Traoré affair, the death of the brother and the false fight of the sister. Gallia Daily will tell you everything.

1) Who was Adama Traoré?

Adama Traoré was a black Malian living in France. He was overweight and suffered from a serious disease, Sickle Cell Disease. (source)

He has been convicted several times of drug trafficking and money extortion from vulnerable people (elderly, disabled persons). He was known to the police for his violent behaviour and had a pronounced drug addiction. (source)

While in prison, he repeatedly raped another man, a fragile inmate with psychological problems. In particular, Adama Traoré forced the detainee to perform fellatio on him. (source).

2) Who is the Traoré family?

The Traoré family is a family of Muslim Malians. They come from the province of Kayes, Mali, where the Traore family held high office (governor). The family belongs to the Soninke ethnic group, particularly known for having been at the heart of an important slave trade: it was the Soninke nobles who rounded up members of other ethnic groups to sell them to slave traders. Some Soninke nobles still practice slavery. (source)

The family’s record in France is no more glorious: the family is polygamous, according to Muslim tradition, and therefore has many children. Most of them have already been convicted of violence and drug trafficking. Cumulatively, they have spent nearly 100 months in prison. Recently, Adama Traoré’s brother, for example, was again sentenced to 4 years in prison. And at the time of writing these lines, Adama Traoré’s other brother has just died during a chase after a motorcycle theft. (source 1 ; source 2 ; source 3)

We are therefore dealing with a family from an ethnic group that practices slavery in Mali and is at the heart of an organized crime network in France.

3) How did Adama Traoré die?

Finally, here is the heart of the matter: how did Adama Traoré die? Was he persecuted by racist police officers and then killed in cold blood?

07/19/2016 : Adama Traoré is with his brother. They are controlled by the police because the brother is under a search warrant for one of his crimes. Adama Traoré has in his pockets a large amount of drugs as well as a lot of cash. He runs away from the police.

There follows a chase under the heat wave of July 2016, and Adama Traoré gets finally caught. He becomes violent and attacks the police. He is handcuffed and placed in a vehicle to be taken to the police station. During the journey he presents breathing difficulties, he shakes, sweats a lot and urinates on himself. Upon arriving at the police station, the police officers call for help, but Adama Traoré is already dead.

Medical expertise shows that he died of asphyxia caused by three factors: his poor physical condition (overweight and drug use), his poor health (he suffered from sickle cell disease) and finally hypertermia caused by the chase during the heat wave. (source)

From the outset, it was clear to the police and judges investigating the case that the police were not involved. All investigations have confirmed this version, despite the violence of the Adama Committee, which tried to pressure the judges to force them to say something else.

There was no violence (the police officers simply subdued the individual). And even less racism (two of the police officers were black). However, the Traoré family, under the impetus of Assa Traoré, who is therefore on the front page of “Time”, launched a huge media campaign under the guise of anti-racism.

4) And so, who is Assa Traoré?

Now you have to ask yourself: who, then, is that woman on the cover of the “Time” magazine ?

Since her brother’s death, Assa Traoré is considered the head of the Traoré clan, whose activities she directs. She is the spokesperson for the “Adama Committee” movement, a sort of French copy of BLM, with the Islamic component in addition.

Where does she come from? Throughout her political activities, she was officially always an employee of the Jewish Children’s Protection Foundation-Baron Edmond de Rothschild (Oeuvre de protection des enfants juifs-Baron Edmond de Rothschild), which paid her while allowing her to carry out her anti-racism fight. In other words: she campaigned for anti-racism while being paid by the Rothschild Foundation. It sounds like a bad script for a far right conspiracy theory, but it’s the truth. (source)

Also, Assa Traoré carries out its activities in partnership with several left-wing movements, some of them close to the NGO galaxy of George Soros. (source)

Most of the Adama Committee’s demonstrations are structured around the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), funded by the Open Society Foundation. The events organized by Assa Traoré are also supported by large NGOs: like Conseil Contre l’Islamophobie en France (CCIF), the Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires (CRAN), and the Collectifs “Justice et Liberté”. (source)

All these NGOs have ties with the Open Society. Some of them also have ties with the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the CCIF. (source)

Assa Traoré thus receives a considerable financial support in its political struggle, an unfailing logistic support and therefore important connections. This may explain why she has received such extensive media coverage. For yes, Assa Traoré is not a grieving sister fighting against the system. She literally has the entire system at her side:

  • In September 2016, the leading French newspaper “Libération” devoted a laudatory portrait of her.
  • On October 13, 2016 it is the newspaper “Jeune Afrique”, the most influential media in French-speaking Africa, that receives her (newspaper also funded by the Open Society).
  • On December 31, it is the very influential Marxist site Médiapart which invites her.
  • In January 2017, she is the star of the program Clique, of the Canal+ group (main cable TV channel in France).
  • In 2018, she is interviewed by Bastamag and Reporterre.
  • In January 2019 she does a crossover interview with Angela Davis, for the magazine “Ballast”.
  • In April 2019, she is on the front page of the French newspaper “Les Inrocks” and she also announces the launch of her clothing brand.
  • In April 2019, she publishes a book with Stock editions, with the anti-racist sociologist Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, very active among the Parisian bourgeoisie.
  • In November and December 2019 she is invited to social events and parties bringing together the writer Edouard Louis, the economist Thomas Porcher, professional footballers, famous singers like Camélia Jordana or famous actors like Omar Sy.
  • Last but not least, Assa Traore is also close to Rokhaya Diallo, another black activist parachuted into France by the Obama Foundation. Diallo is a presenter of the channel BET-France. She is a participant in the Young Leaders program, a pro-NATO think-tank that Emmanuel Macron also attended. (source) Diallo is also close to the editorial staff of the New York Times, where she published op-eds calling France a “racist country”.
  • On Thursday, April 4, 2019, it is even Columbia University that lends its rooms to Assa Traore to organize an anti-racist conference. (source)
    The fact that “Time” finally makes a front page on Assa Traore is the final proof that all this is not grassroots.

We are very far from a poor woman alone mourning for her brother. This whole thing has a name : this is called a communication plan.

This is called astroturfing.


So you understand the bottom line of this case: Adama Traoré came from a Malian ethnic group that practices slavery; in France the Traoré family is involved in organized crime. It is in this capacity that Adama Traoré, already convicted several times, was arrested in 2016 and died. He was not killed. He died by an unfortunate combination of circumstances, his pitiful state of health leading him to a sad and premature death.

  • Adama Traoré was not killed: he died of poor health.
  • Adama Traoré was not a victim of racism: he was arrested by black police officers while he was fleeing to hide the drugs, and while he was known to be a violent criminal (assault, rape, drugs, swindling).
  • Assa Traoré, his sister, is not a brave single woman who, spontaneously and against all odds, fights for the truth and for her brother. She has been supported from the beginning by the entire media system and NGOs.

She is being used and her brother’s death is being used. Why is it used?

  • To artificially import American racial theories onto French soil
  • To undermine the cohesion of French society
  • To attack the white population.

Dear “Time” magazine journalists! By choosing to nominate Assa Traore for a prestigious award, you have made a deplorable choice.

  • If this woman is the face of anti-racism, then you are admitting that anti-racism is a political current based on lies and victimization as a pretext to attack the white population.
  • If this woman is the face of blacks, then you are admitting that the only people who can represent blacks are recidivist criminals, rapists, scammers and aggressors.

Dear Time reporters, you have made a deplorable choice. The only victims in this case are truth and justice.

  • The truth that some rape to push their agenda.
  • The justice that some twist and threaten to push their agenda.

Because at the end of the day, gentlemen of the “Time” magazine, this is what you support: you support liars who rove the streets to cause violence, to threaten the police, to pressure judges, in order to make criminals into saints, by lying about the whole affair.

This is not called journalism. Either you lie out of stupidity or you lie to serve the same agenda as those you support.

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