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Moral sovereignty

As the globe is splitting into two rivalling camps with the the English speaking world plus Europe and Israel on the one side and Eurasia (countries gathered within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that encompasses not only Russia and China but also India, Pakistan, the former Soviet Asian republics, and recently Iran) on the other, as the storm clouds are gathering and the invasion of Europe by the Third World has found a new channel via Belarus and Poland, amid the energy crisis over the supply of Russian gas and the decarbonization of the white man’s countries, amid the ethnic replacement and the alleged threat from the Kremlin, the European Union has launched an ideological attack against its colonial coolies – Poland, Hungary, Romania and Latvia – for not living up to the values that the Union is founded on. The said member states refuse to accept the LGTB ideology that is being foisted on them by their more enlightened brothers. The European Union expresses its deep concern over “a serious breach of the rule of law, the stigmatization, intimidation and increased discrimination against LGTB people, bans on pride marches and awareness-raising programmes in schools.” The Union’s leaders are annoyed by the numerous initiatives of Polish regional authorities which (i) declared the areas under their control free from LGTB ideology, and (ii) adopted regional charters of family rights which – what an abomination! – provide a “too narrow definition of the family.” The European leaders are also angered over “conversion therapy” offered in these countries and the way in which the central and eastern European governments deal with pro-LGTB activists, punishing them for resorting to “creative advocacy tools”(??).

In response to all this outrage – like not recognizing two mothers of a child – and “having regard to” the statement made by Ursula von der Leyen, the lady who was humiliated by Turkey’s leader in that he offered her no chair or – more formally – the lady who is the current President of the European Commission (read: government) – that “LGTBQI-free zones are humanity free zones”, the European Union declared its territory – which automatically means the territory of Poland, Hungary, Romania and Latvia – an “LGTBQI Freedom Zone”. So much for the political, rational and moral condition of the alliance of some of the most developed countries in the world.

As for their colonial coolies – Poland, Hungary, Romania and Latvia – twenty or so years back their leaders ensured their respective nations that they would enjoy all the economic and civilizational benefits from the membership in the European Union without however having to compromise the moral values that they cherished. In this way the more conservative part of those societies was induced to vote for joining their countries to the Union and they could not be bothered to think how moral sovereignty was even thinkable in a political structure founded on the freedom of movement of all its citizens. They could not be bothered to consider how a gay or lesbian couple with adopted children could stop being a gay or lesbian couple with their adopted children once they set fool on Polish, Hungarian, Romanian or Latvian soil. Likewise, they could not be bothered to think that also Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Latvian gays and lesbians would be able to leave their respective countries, “get married abroad” and come back as… gay or lesbian families. They only thought about benefits. Now they are face to face with reality.

It was even more amusing at that time. The Polish bishops, invited to Brussels and bedazzled by the prospect of grants and benefits, began to round their sheep up and drive them to the land of milk and honey, telling them that the Union would provide them with all the material things in exchange for their – Polish, catholic, traditional, conservative, you name it – values, and the sheep fell for it heart and soul.

The regional (municipal, county) governments that adopted family charts or declared their zones free from LGTB ideology, the same regional governments that are mentioned in the European Parliament resolution of 11 March 2021 cited above, have given in to financial pressure exerted by Brussels and have revoked their own decisions. What a shame! It was enough for a twin town to stop inviting the Polish counterpart mayor and his entourage to visit, it was enough for the managers of the European budget to stop channelling money to those regions which dared to blaspheme against the “values upon which the union is founded” to make the local governments reconsider and sell out the values that they hold dear! The Polish coolies know that when it comes to LGTB issues, the West is extremely serious. Why, even the last months of Americans in Afghanistan were marked by an LGTB-message delivered from the US embassy to the locals. When in turn it comes to receiving benefits, the East is excessively rapacious.

A too narrow definition of the family, a child with two mothers as a value upon which the old Union is founded plus the total sell-out of values upon which the new members of the Union used to be founded: so much for the moral condition of the Old Continent and its cultural viability on the global stage.

As far as ‘parent number 1’ and ‘parent number 2’ goes, I’ve already spoken publicly about this and I’ll repeat it again: as long as I’m president this will not happen. There will be dad and mum,”(Reuters) said President Putin at a time, the same who is loathed and abhorred and ridiculed as the case may be in a Poland supposedly sticking to its Catholic – i.e. pre-Bergoglio – values. 

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