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The World Guards

The notorious World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab has spawned two worldwide youth organisations, i.e. the Forum of Young Global Leaders (2004) and the Global Shapers Community (2011). Their websites fraught with snapshots or short films featuring hackneyed images of smiling faces of men and women cooperating in a peaceful manner and necessarily shaking hands and drawing graphs – the usual propaganda stuff we are familiar with – assault the reader with catchy slogans of providing solutions to global issues, improving the state of the world, building a better future, fighting climate change, building inclusive communities, having impact on a global scale, raising awareness of gender equality and the like. None of the items comes as a surprise or does it?

The blueprint is as follows. Young impressionable people are used to bring about change. Young people make up a quarter of the global population. Change is touted as something desirable and ranges from climate to society, from education to governance. It is a creeping revolution, the march through institutions par excellence targeting the world as it is: a repeat of what the Jacobins in France, Bolsheviks in Russia and the Red Guards in China already attempted to achieve. They, too, appealed to young people with images of a bright future and fraternity spanning the globe, with promises of universal happiness and joy, with visions of unstoppable progress and unbridled liberty.

Youth guide

The alumni of the Global Leaders and the Global Shapers – carefully selected, guided and groomed by their patrons – are then helped to find their way to important organisations, institutions, corporations, where their influence is multiplied or – to be precise – where they relay the ideas that they imbibed while being members of the Forum and the Community. Have you ever wondered about how it happens that so many actions are coordinated across state borders at the drop of a hat? Now you know. The Global Leaders and the Global Shapers inform us via their websites that they have members in almost all countries in the world and that they foster lifelong connections. Lifelong, you see.

Notable alumni of the Forum of Young Global Leaders include: Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand’s prime minster, leader of the Labour Party), Annalena Baerbock (leader of German Alliance 90/The Greens), Sergei Brin (co-founder of Google, president of Alphabet), Anderson Cooper (CNN anchor), Alexander De Croo (Prime Minister of Belgium), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Sebastian Kurz (twice chancellor of Austria, chairman of the Austrian People’s Party), Jack Ma (co-founder and chairman of Alibaba Group), Emmanuel Macron (France’s president), Larry Page (co-founder of Google), Michael Schumacher (racing driver), Jens Spahn (German Minister of Health), Charlize Theron (actress and producer), Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).

They are all so concerned…

They all want a better future, but who doesn’t? They claim to have better ideas, but what makes them think so? They claim to be driven by their own dreams and youthful enthusiasm. Isn’t it, rather, that they are driven by the money that is channelled to them? Aren’t their ideas someone else’s?

The Chinese Red Guards, the Hitler Jugend, the Soviet Young Pioneers, they all followed allegedly their own dreams and acted as battering rams to do away with the conservative society that opposed or slowed down change. They wrought havoc. You can bet that the fry caught in the WEF’s net do not have the slightest idea about their predecessors. Even if they were told about the past parallels, they would immediately dismiss the implication of any comparison, saying that this time it is going to be different. Sure it will.

They all want to shape your future, so beware.

Senile men like Claus Schwab care a lot about shaping the world after their own fashion even after their death. If some of them are non-believers, then the phenomenon is interesting from the psychological (psychiatric?) point of view. Unless, of course, they are believers, but then what religion do they follow?

One comment on “The World Guards

  • Andres Cotic says:

    Excellent article, it is only a global network of decision makers placed in key positions that could create the kind of global response to the Corona Virus, each musician followed the directions of the orchestra director. It looks like they have been building the network for a long time.


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