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Libération and the new EU scandal

Laurent Joffrin, the main editor of the French “Libération”, which is known for its leftist views, was until now the Ayatollah of the EU, who praised the EU to the skies in his publications. Suddenly, just at the moment when Merkel’s era is (fortunately) coming to an end and the SPD is coming to power (God have mercy on us!), he publishes sensations that cause earthquakes in Brussels and especially in Luxembourg, which is less watched by journalists. In his latest articles he describes how corrupted and corrupting the EU politicians are. He revealed, among other things, abuses in expense accounts, housing allowances or private use of official cars at the top of the European Court of Auditors (ECA). It turned out that a state within a state was created around the ECA, a network of civil servants and lobbists mainly from the European People’s Party (EPP), who built their own paradise out of the public money. The money went, among other things, for hunting and parties in luxurious castles, where further machinations were discussed in a champagne-bubbling ambience. Number one of the clique was a member of the Court of Auditors from Belgium, Karel Pinxten. He was convicted by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the autumn for using 500,000 euros illegally. Poor Pinxten: his colleagues cut his salary by two-thirds for this.

You can easily find the other details on the Internet. We don’t need to repeat them here. You know it yourself, how far the EU elites are out of touch with reality, hypocritical, corrupt and nepotistic. “Libération” only provided further evidence of this. The comparison that the EU is like Byzantium comes naturally. The difference is: the Saracens are not ante portas, but deeply inside by the millions.

It is interesting here that Donald Tusk, the president of the EPP, is silent on this. Tusk, who recently, after the termination of his career as President of the EU Parliament, made possible by Merkel (it was a reward for allowing the construction of the Northern Stream when he was Polish Prime Minister) tries to assert himself again – unsuccessfully – on the political scene in Poland. There he criticizes the ruling Law and Justice Party, which has come into conflict with the EU Court of Justice. Well, some judges, like Chairman Koen Lenaerts, have joined Pinxten’s parties and his network, Mr. Tusk. That you are silent on the unpleasant facts about their colleagues, we understand: Omertà.

Silence applied also in the Western “qualitative” media until now. Anyone who dared to criticize the EU was immediately called a Russophile and had mud thrown at him. Times are changing? Did Monsieur Joffrin experience an inner transformation and see through how evil the kolkhoz, called the EU, is? No way. We bet he continues to write to order. The EPP had to get problems because now Mr. Scholz is at the head of the federal empire of left-green ideas and the socialists and social democrats wanted to see blood of the EPP at last. You understand comrades, sometimes there has to be a purge.

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