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Guilt, compassion, fear

How do we know that we are being primed to accept a world government or one global state? If you do not let yourself be intimidated by the wire-pullers who will immediately start calling you a conspiracy theory follower, then the observation of your own senses is more than enough. Begin with handbooks to foreign languages. Why of all the topic it is globalism and the world as a global village a leitmotif in all of them? Why rather than present the language and its intricacies through something in the vein of Aesop’s fables and ordinary adventure stories along with dialogues do the students get politicized themes of globalism and climate change? It certainly does not happen by chance. Why, do you talk to your own child or grandchild about globalism or climate change of all the topics? I guess you don’t. Yet, the authors of textbooks seem to be hellbent on such problems.

What do you make of all those international conferences that necessarily seek to make all countries agree to pursue the same policy about:

  • women’s rights,

  • reproductive rights,

  • migration compacts;

  • human rights;

and many others? Ask yourself a question why all governments should be made to sign all those treaties, compacts, and agreements. To make it easier for you: why should you sign an agreement with a bunch of your neighbors that you promise to refrain from abusing your wife and children? Why should you need such an agreement if you are a decent man? Notice that all governments declare to be decent. Conversely, how on earth could such an agreement turn you into a decent man if you are not one? Why should you relegate power over your household to your neighbours? Who and how will evaluate whether you are abusive or not, which acts constitute abuse and which do not? Finally, how would you be capable of defending years against interference once you have allowed others to step into your affairs when they see fit? Go and make such an accord with your neighbours. Not willing?

We have the dollar as the international currency, we have the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund. All human activity is internationalized and taken away from the prerogatives of national governments. Why?

No wonder then that at last we hear about the steps taken to bring about a global accord, an international treaty on the prevention, preparedness and response to future instances of pandemics. This document according to its authors should be signed by all governments and become a supranational compact binding on all countries. Yet another instrument with which the powers that be will deprive nations of their sovereignty, a very efficient instrument, one that exploits human fear of disease, suffering and death.

By the way, you will have noticed how in the modern world psychology has been employed to control masses of people. We are controlled through emotions. One of the most powerful is the sense of guilt. Whites have been made to feel enormous guilt for racism and colonialism. This feeling has made them kneel down to blacks and accept the removal of large chunks of the history and literature of white man. That’s the power of guilt.

Then there was the power of the feelings of pity, of compassion, of sympathy. We are confronted with images of poor, crying, helpless children and that’s it. Reason becomes switched off within seconds and the majority of people – especially women – act on their emotions, while those whose brains exercise control over emotions prefer to remain silent lest they be accused of being cruel, uncompassionate, or inhuman. That’s the power of heart-rending emotions produced by heartbreaking images.

Now fear. Fear of suffering, disease and death. The virus, the pandemic, the images of coffins, of suffocating people. Bombarded with reports and pictures of terrible events caused by a virus, most of us are ready to do about anything to save themselves from such calamity. Governments must yield to this general demand that something be done to prevent people from being exposed to such danger. Even if the rulers tried to use some reason, they would be voted out of office, which is not to say that their are manly ministers if only because it is fashionable nowadays to appoint women to top positions in a country.

There you have it: guilt, compassion and fear. With these three you can lead the flock wherever you please. People consumed with searing guilt, filled with deep compassion bordering on pathological altruism and gripped by terrible fear will obey any command. We all have some notion of the medieval penitents. When a plague struck, they were ready to engage in long self-flagellation so as to placate the deity and make it shorten the punishment inflicted on the human race. Consider it carefully: they inflicted suffering upon themselves in order to avoid… probable suffering. At present, people, especially young people, exposed to the constant news of the imminent end of life on Planet Earth due to unfavourable man-made climate changes embark on a crusade against industry and consumerism. Think also about all those reports concerning dictators as they are called, presidents of the countries that do now bow to the dictates of the Post-West. Fed with the information about the inhumane policies pursued by those dictators, Europeans clap their hands when Western governments manage to do away with one of them (Milošević, Qaddafi) and Europeans support their governments when they impose more and more sanctions on countries run by “dictators”. That’s fear in action. In 2015, pictures of a drowned boy replicated on numerous covers of leading European magazines and newspapers made people accept the influx of arrivals from the Third World. That’s compassion and guilt in action.

History knows different types of fear instilled in people. Fear of an invasion of inimical forces, fear of an ideology – bolshevism, anarchism, fascism – fear of the Martians or other extraterrestrial creatures warring with humans, fear of the end of the world because of the depletion of the resources and climate change, and finally fear of contagious deadly disease. In today’s world, in which nations are to be obliterated while the ideologies of long standing have lost their magnetic force, biological fear of suffering and death is both powerful and applicable to all mankind.

Use compassion and you can change the ethnic makeup of any nation; use guilt and you can make a nation surrender to any demands; use fear and you can make citizens give up on most if not all their civil rights in exchange for safety. Add to it the imposition of or exemption from taxes, and you have complete control over human behaviour. You almost don’t need law enforcement officers. Compatriots mentally processed by the emotions of guilt, compassion and fear will exert enough peer pressure on the few dissidents to make them irrelevant in society. Guilt, compassion, fear dished out through the trio of education, entertainment and information media will do the job. That’s all it takes to steer mankind. 

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