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Protests in Canada – warning against the introduction of digital currencies

For a few weeks now, Canadian truck drivers have been protesting against the horrendous Corona restrictions. As the government of Justin Trudeau hardly reacted to their demands, the drivers blocked the capital with their huge trucks. Many of them came there from remote places in the vast country to draw the government’s attention to their difficult situation, which costs them a lot of money (the fuel alone for a few thousand kilometers of trucking costs a few thousand Canadian dollars). Since they are mostly sole traders, they also lose their money because of contracts lost at the time of the protests. Trudeau learned from his friend Macron, who was tough on the yellow vests, and though he is a representative of the Liberal Party, he acted like a dictator: he had the protesters’ bank accounts frozen. The liberal elites don’t think much of ordinary citizens and their money – that’s a truism.

Now the banks in Canada are being stormed, just as they were in Greece, Iceland and Cyprus. The Canadian run on cash should make us think: What will happen when the central banks soon introduce their digital currencies one after the other? It is not a joke, but a global project that is already underway. China is already convincing its citizens with commercials about it, and Biden had the most important US offices prepare for it last week. Similarly, defiant rebels will be robbed of their savings in seconds. Will we allow digital currencies to creep up on us? Do we want to be transparent to the state? 

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