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64 Gefira: Gurus of the 21 century

Why do people do what they do? Yes, partly they are controlled by their biology: man needs to eat and drink and take care of his body; man is hardwired to perpetuate his species (though nowadays in the world of the white man this instinct seems to be strongly suppressed). What else? What do people do when they have satisfied all or most of their basic biological needs and drives? Yes, people need an idea, a belief, a goal to pursue or else they feel that their existence is incomplete, not well rounded, or even senseless. The world offers many goals. Once it was the spread of a religion: some exerted themselves to disseminate Christianity, others propagated Islam, and so on. Then came the time for other ideas: the Age of Enlightenment, capitalism, socialism, feminism, nationalism, internationalism, conservatism, liberalism, eugenics, racism, anti-racism, national-socialism, Europeism, climate change, and many, many others. Ideologies of all manner proliferated in the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. They all have been dreamt up and put forward by talented? fanatical? deranged? ingenious? imaginative? individuals and then clung to, believed and upheld by the dissatisfied? the frustrated? the neurotic? the obsessed? the do-gooders? the well-wishers? the (useful) idiots? the gullible? and the infantile.

Some look up to Pope Francis, some to Jordan Peterson; some adore Klaus Schwab, others set great store by Bill Gates; there are those who follow the teachings of Altiero Spinelli and those who feel inspired by Elon Musk. Gefira 64 explores the influence of Yuval Noah Harari, a leading authority revered by some – if not the majority – of the elites. In his three books and numerous lectures or interviews Yuval Noah Harari paints a picture of mankind’s nearest future and suggests some of the guidelines for us to follow. Humans, according to Harari, will soon be elevated to the status of gods and will even surpass gods. Informatics technology and biotechnology will merge organic and inorganic matter producing superhumans endowed with hitherto unattainable capabilities. Man may eventually dare to reach for immortality!

Remaining more down to earth, Gefira 64 continues to keep sight of what is happening in Ukraine, drawing a comparison with the Crimean War fought in roughly the same terrain and involving Russia on the one side and the Western powers on the other. The two events offer many similarities for analytical exploration as well as a number of dissimilarities. Inferences can be drawn and forecasts made. Details differ, trends remain.

Finally, we do not forget that it is money that makes the world go round. Our experts draw the reader’s attention to the plans being devised by the left-minded elites of the Western world to strip common citizens of their financial resources and at least part of their property, which is thought to be a remedy for wiping off all of or at least some of the huge amount of debt that all the Western states are burdened with. Under normal, peaceful circumstances such a robbery cannot be successful, but when Europeans and Americans are constantly threatened with ever new crises emerging one after another – financial collapse, floods of immigrants, the pandemic, war in Ukraine – they might feel more ready to accept harsh measures introduced and implemented by their governments.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #64 is available now

  • Yuval Noah Harari – mentor to our elites
  • A new currency law – a tool for our expropriation
  • Crimean and Ukrainian wars – a comparison
  • Stagflation – Horror for Central Banks

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