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Windrush Miracle

or a few questions and observations

A few days ago a monument to the so-called Windrush Generation was unveiled with all the pomp and the presence of Prince William and Princes Kate. The monument depicts a man and a woman with their child, all Jamaicans, on suitcases. It reminds the viewers of the 1948 event when the first group of Jamaicans arrived in Great Britain on the Empire Windrush, later to be followed by many, many more. The United Kingdom’s government, the queen, Prince William, the BBC and all the media hastened to celebrate the occasion and emphasize the enormous contribution to British culture made by Jamaicans. It was also reminded that Jamaicans sacrificed themselves and their well-being as they hurried to arrive in Britain to help rebuild the country after the war. All of this makes one wonder.

Jamaica, just as the other Caribbean countries, ranks among the poorest in the world, with the highest crime rate. How on earth
① could people from a country like that contribute “enormously” to British culture and economy, and
② why on earth the Jamaicans being capable of making such enormous contributions to a very well developed country are not able to raise their own state from poverty and crime?

Great Britain’s benefactors

These are legitimate questions, are they not? The sycophantic statements made by the prince and others make one believe that Britain could not have done without those Jamaicans and that those Jamaicans virtually sacrificed themselves for the sake of Great Britain. Needless to say, it was reminded that they were not accepted by the then British society and they faced – yes, you guessed it right! – racism. Still, they would flock to Britain and they did their best to “make an enormous contribution” to the nation that – to put it mildly – did not like them. One is led to believe that the United Kingdom could not have survived the post-war period without those Jamaicans and that the United Kingdom would fare far worse today if stripped of Jamaican aid.

Is there anybody the length and breadth of the world who thinks of Jamaicans as brilliant engineers, conscientious workers and law-abiding people?

Jamaica with almost fifty murders per 100.000 is among the top countries with the highest homicide rate: it is second only to the US Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Honduras and El Salvador. Jamaica’s GDP is a few times smaller than that of the United Kingdom. How can it be that these people have enormously contributed to Great Britain, to its safety, to its economy, to its culture, to its science?

Prince William praises the enormous contributions of Jamaicans

What is it that makes the West worship the black arrivals in white countries and – to top it all – what is it that makes the West look so utterly ridiculous in paying homage to them? Do the elites want to placate Africans, or reeducate the white citizens, or what? It really boggles the mind: all of a sudden Africans – whether from the Dark Continent or elsewhere – who are always in need of aid from Europeans turn out to be enormous contributors to… the same Europeans. What kind of mentality can produce such nonsense?

In former socialist countries something similar was practised. The socialists or communists who ruled those countries would extol the working class and the peasantry. Everything positive was attributed to them: those two social classes allegedly had enriched the world with the most talented people in every respect of human activity. Inventors, writers, designers, generals, leaders, philosophers were only appreciated by the socialists and the communists if they originated with the working class or the peasantry or if their ancestors that nominally belonged to higher classes due to their low economic status lived almost like workers and peasants. All enormous contributions were allegedly made by such people. Ministers, generals, even cosmonauts were appointed by virtue of their social origin: representatives of the former gentry or even the intelligentsia did not need to apply. Are we not seeing the same in the West now? With this change, of course, that the place of the white working class or peasantry has been taken by the people of colour, especially blacks.

③ Why on earth should Jamaicans still be facing racism if they have made and continue to make such enormous contributions to white Britain? Out of spite on the part of white Britons who are incapable of appreciating the good that they are blessed with? Why should white Britons bear malice towards their benefactors? Ok, they may have been malicious at first, not knowing what Jamaicans were like, but why are white Britons – after so many years of the imported bliss made in Jamaica – still ill-disposed to those whom they owe so much? Does it all add up?

④ Why do the powers that be try to make people believe that Jamaicans have come and keep coming to Great Britain not to make their own lives better but to make the lives of the Britons better?

What gullible fools is this message addressed to? Hey! Has the rationality of the white man disappeared in thin air?

Windrush Generation Monument

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