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Fit for 55 or sustaining sustainable sustainability

It surely is a religion: the worship of the planet earth. No doubt about that. At the same time it is risible: a peninsula attached to a huge Asiatic continent wishes to make the global climate better and – as if the movement of waters and winds could be stopped at state borders – to make its own climate better. How? By banning the fossil fuels (which means: by banning the combustion engine), relying on renewable sources of energy and developing the CO2 market (you know, the market where you buy and sell CO2 quotas). You see, in the Middle Ages people would trade in relics: in the 21st century people trade in CO2! Isn’t that one thing alone a grand exploit that the European Union has pulled off?

No combustion-engine cars to be manufactured after 2030 plus net CO2 emissions by 2050! Why? For what purpose? Well, to save the planet, stupid! We all know that Mother Earth is suffocating and getting overheated (or overcooled, depending on the currently valid scientific version concerning the global climate); we all know that it is man-made. If you are not convinced, then look at the children: they know it! They know it for certain! That’s why they are protesting and begging you (if that is not enough: demanding of you) that you reconsider your life choices.

You know, it is not only the climate. We are all running out of water and food. What do you think will happen once water and food are in short supply? Famine? Y-e-e-e-s. Try hard to follow the thought where it leads. Imagine a global famine and water shortages. What do you think it will lead humanity to? Yes, bingo! To war! So, to prevent war over food and war over water from breaking out, the men and women (or the representatives of the other sixty or so recognized genders) who happen to be at the helm of the European Union do their best to spare us the bleak future. Yes, we will all pay for it: prices will shoot up, but then health, life and peace are invaluable. We will all willingly sacrifice our comfort and resign from the luxuries and pleasures of the flesh to… save the flesh.

Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission or in plain English: the EU’s prime minister) and Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice-President of the European Commission or again in plain English: the EU’s deputy prime minister) along with all the Directorates-General (in plain English: ministries) indefatigably keep foisting upon us the magic phrases of European green deal, climate neutral Europe, reduction in emissions, clean transport, electric vehicles, sustainable (their beloved word!) houses, clean energy, renewable energy, protecting nature, a healthier future, support for vulnerable citizens (always the same!), and they assure us that all this is doable. Ursula von der Leyen says that she wants Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050. She says verbatim: “I want Europe to become…”. You see? Occasionally, they let a word out here and there for all to hear: they want to enforce those changes, Ursula von der Leyen, Frans Timmermans, and company. Whenever they are on their guard, they say that it is the Europeans who want it, but when they are off their guard, they say as it is.

The transition that they have designed for us must be “just” and – yes! yes! – inclusive (yet another word that they just cannot do without). What’s that? What is this transition all about? They mean a clean and affordable and secure (what an idealistic trinity!) energy supply (without coal or gas or oil; probably without radioactive fuel), a modernized industry and a clean and circular (another of their magic words) economy, the protection of biodiversity (apart from human and cultural diversity, one feels tempted to add) plus sustainable (you see? again this word!) resilient and smart mobility (smart mobility? what’s that? immigration?) along with a fair and healthy food system. Gee…!

Again and again mankind keeps falling for a dream of creating paradise. Again and again and again. Just think of it: everything is going to be clean and just and prosperous and – necessarily! – sustainable (a perpetuum mobile?) and (how otherwise?) inclusive. It will be a feat, will it not?

It is claimed that 93% of Europeans believe climate change to be caused by human activity. Surely, no one individual European would have given the climate a thought, going about his daily business. Someone must have incentivized Europeans to think about climate in terms of it being deteriorated and then to come to believe that it is worse and worse with every year; someone must have made Europeans arrive at a conclusion – on the basis of objective! and scientific! data – that the said changes are man-made. 85% of Europeans agree that fighting climate change and using energy more efficiently (read: resigning from fossil fuels, from owning cars or from travel by air) can create economic growth and… jobs! The resignation from consumption will create jobs! You don’t understand? Surely, you do! Not yet? Then trust those who mean well: trust your EU commissioners and the high priests of our times: trust the scientists!

The EU authorities are so bold as to claim that the drop in greenhouse gas emissions by 22% was related and proportional to the economic growth for the same period of 1990-2017! Planet worship at its best.

We are running out of water, out of oxygen, out of everything and anything. Are you familiar with this alarming statement that “it takes 2 700 litres of water to make a T-shirt”? We are made to believe that this water disappears or is transferred to Mars. Just like that! Remember that T-shirts (and other clothing) are washed, which means that even more water is transferred outside our planet just because of one T-shirt!

Why do 93% of Europeans believe in man-made climate change? Because they have been conditioned to believe in it since the cradle. Go and check the textbooks to English (and German, and French, and Spanish, and Italian): they are vehicles of this propaganda. It is not language that is important in them: it is the ideology. Along with multiculturalism and globalism (“the world as a global village”) students are constantly exposed to the talk about climate change, man-made climate change, to be precise. Students soak it up lock, stock and barrel! And they believe every word of it because these revelations have been provided to them by scientists equipped with computers! Can there be anything more trustworthy? More reliable?

Or maybe all this talk about climate change and the resultant energetic transformation is something other than this. Maybe it is only a deceptive outward appearance. When the rulers of the EU say they want to decarbonize Europe’s energy supply, they also occasionally reveal that this move serves the purpose of significantly reducing Europe’s dependency on third country suppliers. Maybe that’s the key to understanding the whole sustainable/circular/inclusive man-made climate change business? The EU leaders want to make the EU independent of third country suppliers… Ah yes! That means the European Union is a country, a federal country, and the term “third country suppliers” points to Russia, China, the United States and the OPEC members. EU citizens could hardly be bothered to pay through their noses for energy and to make sacrifices just to spite Moscow or Beijing. They are likely to willingly do all these things, though, to save the planet, to save themselves and their children and grandchildren from suffocating, even though the number of those children and grandchildren is rapidly dropping every year.

sustaining sustainable sustainability

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