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Chessboard notation

Every move made within a chess game is recorded. The record allows us to reconstruct what has happened and also gives an insight into the current situation. Let’s look at the position of the pieces and pawns at the current point in time, recall their moves and try to predict what the players’ next moves will be.

The world is roughly divided into West and non-West. Thirty years ago, we had a division into the First (Western, capitalist), Second (Eastern, socialist) and Third (the Non-Aligned Movement, although the term Third World also connotes a backward world, but that is not the distinction meant here) worlds. The West emerged victorious from the Cold War of 1947-1991, as a result of which the Second World – the socialist camp, the Warsaw Pact – ceased to exist. The Non-Aligned Movement, in which Yugoslavia, among others, played first fiddle, also came to an end, especially when one of its keystones – precisely Yugoslavia – was subjected to crushing tests and was broken up into several political units.

It is peculiar that the break-up of the mighty Soviet Union and the takeover of the Comecon and Warsaw Pact states took place without a single shot being fired, while tiny Yugoslavia was broken up over many years in bloody and devastating wars.

The driving forces of history are economic and financial factors (of which everyone is well aware) as well as biological factors (the anthropological type inhabiting a given territory) and, among these, psychological factors (religions and ideologies; of these factors not everyone is aware). It was an idea (an ideology, a religion, the name doesn’t matter) that drove the Arabs and then the Muslims to conquer vast territories; it was socialist or communist ideas (ideas of so-called social justice) that unleashed the forces dormant in society and led to a series of successful or unsuccessful revolutions; it was the Christian faith that gradually conquered the Roman Empire from within – without a single shot – while the well-known major heresies were the driving forces behind the enormous social and political changes in Europe. The Soviet Union collapsed at the behest of the elites of that state, whose minds succumbed to the allure of all things Western, whose minds surrendered to Western ideas, and who most simply declared their own state bankrupt in exchange for the hope or promise of belonging to the elites of what they considered a better world.

Partly as a result of the fact that the Western elites did not accept the Soviet elites as partners of equals, and partly because part of the Soviet (Russian) elites espoused the idea of Russian patriotism (psychology!), there was a national revival in Russia that brought Vladimir Putin to power.

A very similar thing happened in China. There too, elites seduced by American offers of cooperation and enrichment took the American bait and were ready to subjugate the Middle Kingdom to Washington. Hu Jintao, among others, was an exponent of such aspirations. Cooperation with the United States paid off: China became an economic power, but at the price of political dependence on Washington. Not surprisingly, patriotic forces came to the fore in China (as they had done in Russia), who did not wish to play the role of America’s stooge. It was they who brought Xi Jinping to power, and he, together with a group of dedicated people, concentrated full power in his hands and led to the removal of the pro-Western group centred around Hu Jintao. This was done in a very spectacular way, when the whole world was able to see the former Chinese leader being led out of the conference hall housing the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

What Ukraine is to Russia, Taiwan is to China. In both cases, it is an area – a country – a state – that was part of Russia in the first case, China in the second, and whose separation weakened both Russia and China. The more the West used Ukraine in its game against Russia and Taiwan in its game against China, the more severe the weakening became. Hence the current war between Russia and NATO on Ukrainian territory, hence the possible war between China and America and its allies located on the western Pacific coast over Taiwan.

The West is homogeneous as a civilization, but not politically. Three main political actors can be distinguished: the United States, the United Kingdom (together with the Commonwealth countries) and the European Union. Within the EU, in turn, we have two big players, which are France (with its politically and economically subordinated former colonies in Africa) and Germany (the strongest economy in the Old Continent and the fourth in the world).

The United States – in line with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Wolfowitz – seeks to impose and maintain its own hegemony over the entire globe. In other words, it is proposing a unipolar world, with the dollar as the global currency. This is opposed by China and Russia, both of which preach the idea of a multipolar world and both of which seek to dethrone the dollar as an international currency. A unipolar world is not entirely compatible with the European Union, which was founded, among other things, with the aim of making Europe independent of the United States. These aspirations were previously exploited by the Soviet Union and then Russia by offering the countries of the Old Continent large quantities of cheap oil and especially natural gas. Cheap energy sources made the European Union’s economy competitive with the US, which in turn did not please Washington. In an effort to weaken the economic ties between Russia on the other hand and Germany and France on the other, the United States and also increasingly the United Kingdom did everything in their power to make the European Union quarrel with Russia. Ukraine and Belarus, as former Soviet republics, as well as Poland and Romania, as countries hostile to Russia, became tools of Washington’s policy, which aimed to antagonize the east of the old continent with the west. The Americans did not manage to control Belarus: instead, Ukraine (formerly Ruthenia, the cradle of the Russian states, i.e. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) became a pawn in American hands, and it was on its territory that an armed showdown between Moscow and Washington ultimately took place. This final showdown gave the West – and the United States in particular – an excellent pretext to bring about a break in Europe’s (and especially Germany’s) cooperation with Russia (sanctions!). To make sure that cooperation would not be resumed in the near future, someone made sure to destroy the pipeline supplying gas from Russia to Germany. According to the Western media, this was done by – how else! – the Russians.

The lack of cheap energy and cheap raw materials, as well as the (ideological!) frenzy of today’s European elites, who have turned nature, the planet earth, Mother Earth!, into a deity and have begun to persistently get rid of energy sources from coal, oil and even radioactive elements (closing nuclear power stations in Germany), have put the Old Continent in a difficult position when faced with the interruption of gas supplies from Russia. Many companies will have to either reduce production, cease it altogether or move it to China or the United States. Europe, at the behest of its ideologized elites, will regress to the pre-industrial age.

The Old Continent, as well as the United States and Canada, resemble the final stages of the Roman Empire. The indigenous populations of Europe and North America are shrinking in number and being replaced by millions of newcomers from the Third World, providing them with all sorts of services and elevating them to the altars, as symbolized by kneeling before black people and burying the common black criminal in a golden coffin and declaring him almost a saint. The elites of the West do not seem to care that the demographics of the countries in which they hold leadership positions are changing: the elites of the West are incredibly concerned about the state of democracy in Ukraine and Belarus as well as in Russia.

The appointment of Rushi Sunak as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (and the earlier removal of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss from this post) can be explained in various ways. On the one hand, it is a sign of the times: America had its Barack Hussein Obama, now the UK has its Rishi Sunak (not to mention a whole plethora of dark-skinned ministers, senators and lords on both sides of the Atlantic). Is this a sign that the descendants of American slaves have taken the upper hand over the descendants of the white owners of those slaves? that the descendants of colonized India have gained the upper hand over the descendants of those who colonized India? Has the anthropological type that created the United Kingdom and the United States entered a phase of decay, a loss of biological strength like the Romans of the late Imperial period? Or is it a deliberate act on the part of the powers that be to attract various elites from all over the world regardless of their nationality, race and religion to the capital of the old British Empire and in such a way with the aid of those local elites to continue to rule the Third World? After all, educated or rich Indians dream of being in England at least once in their lives, and preferably studying, working and living there (just like educated and rich Russians); on the contrary, few Englishmen dream of necessarily being in India or Russia, and certainly they do not dream of settling there. Whether we are facing a decay of the old empire or a clever geopolitical ploy – time will tell.

The hiring of Rishi Sunak as UK Prime Minister is perhaps intended to dissuade India from cooperating with Russia, from participating in the BRICS states. But will the move be effective? After all, the hiring of Barack Hussein Obama as CEO of the United States did not save America from Black riots and racial tensions, and that, among others, seems to have been the purpose of having a black president. (Prior to that election, there were numerous feature films that prepared Americans for a black president, in which black actors were cast as CEOs of the US. Do we remember these films?).

In the modern world, another division is emerging between roughly speaking two political camps: the West and the East. The West is epitomized by the dollar, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union, the G7, NATO, the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank of International Settlements, and finally the WEF; the East is epitomized by Russia and China, the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the BRICS states and finally the renminbi (yuan) as a candidate to overthrow the reign of the dollar. Soon, BRICS (the equivalent of the G7) may welcome two important members: Argentina and Iran.

In between these political and economic camps are the OPEC (and OPEC+) countries, which have recently been increasingly considering joining the countries we called the East above in abandoning the dollar in favour of the renminbi or national currencies. OPEC’s current decisions to reduce oil production also seem to confirm that its member states are considering extricating themselves from Western influence.

The West seems to have overplayed its hand. Conceit and greed along with disregard for the enemy have caused the Western powers that be to have made many fatal mistakes. Western elites have

[1] caused China’s massive economic development, counting on Beijing to remain under the spell of the West, to be a counterweight to Russia and to allow Western entrepreneurs to enrich themselves by offering cheap labour;

[2] pushed Russia into China’s embrace, and Belarus and Iran into Russia’s embrace;

[3] deprived their own peoples and their own economies of sources of cheap energy through a crazy green economy and the imposition of sanctions on Russia, Iran, Venezuela and others; and have

[4] consolidated the Russian people around Vladimir Putin, while at the same time keeping their own societies in moral decay (high abortion and divorce rates, fewer and fewer marriages, fewer and fewer children, extreme individualism, militant feminism, lack of patriotism and any idea worth dying for) and in constant racial and religious tension (mass immigration).

History is not only governed by the economy and finances: history is also governed by ideas (ideologies, religions) and anthropological types (it is man who creates culture: culture does not create man, although there is some feedback in this process). In other words: if there is no idea worth dying for, there is no effective military. Wars are not won by technology alone. And if you resettle Africa in Europe, you will turn the Old Continent into the Black Continent with all the consequences. In such a case, anthropologically relatively homogeneous China, where the authorities have no inhibitions to carry out numerous death penalties, is the winning party already at the beginning of the clash against Europe and the United States, where feminised and hedonistic societies place animal and plant life above human life. Europe is fighting against Russia on Ukrainian soil with equipment, mercenaries and Ukrainians themselves; the Russians are fighting on Ukrainian soil having mobilized their own men. It is a huge difference.

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