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Two hammers on humanity

Two hammers, which will sooner or later hit mankind, place it in a global concentration camp, make us all say goodbye to freedom and privacy, are already in the pipeline. Two hammers will strike at the two most basic areas of everyone’s life: the material or economic base that enables each of us to survive plus the concern for health without which everything else ceases to matter. These two hammers are:

– digital programmable currency and the

– global treaty on pandemic prevention.

Both hammers have a tangent line, but about that in a moment.

Digital programmable currency referred to as digital central bank currency or DCBC is money that cannot be touched because it will only exist in the form of zero-one pulses. Everyone will be equipped with an account in a single central (at first national, ultimately – global) bank and all settlements will be electronic. In an age when computer networks dispose of ever-increasing data collection and tracking capabilities, this means that all, absolutely all transactions, donations and even almsgiving will be recorded. The anonymity and privacy of remittances will disappear. If cash is abolished completely, someone somewhere will even know the amount of pocket money a child or teenager gets from their parents!

Digital money is programmable money, which means that the government will be able to attribute to selected sums of money in the accounts of selected people such properties as the need to spend it within a certain period or on certain goods and services. A citizen will receive an allowance from the government, or an employee will receive a salary from his or her employer, a certain proportion of which will have to be spent – for example – within three months on – for example – cleaning products. A huge and efficient internet of things will make it impossible to spend this money on anything else and will make it disappear from the account after a period in which it has not been used.

That is not all! The authorities can make the permission for the money to be spent conditional on how the citizen behaves, that is, whether he supports the authorities, whether she expresses opinions that are in line with mainstream opinions and so on. Such a system is being tried in China; such a system has already been activated in Canada, where Justin Trudeau’s government prevented protesting truck drivers from using their own bank accounts, from using their own money! This is already happening! in the West! which is regarded as an oasis of all freedoms and human rights. It is highly possible that Justin Trudeau inadvertently did something he should not have done yet: he may have frightened people and showed them what was coming. However, knowing human memory and naivety, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of people did not learn anything from this event. One can be sure that most people in the so-called free world will be outraged at the lack of liberties in the aforementioned China or Russia because they will be fed such information by the media, without noticing or (more likely) not wanting to notice that freedom ends in the West.

The worldwide treaty on pandemic prevention, on the other hand, provides for the automatic imposition of a state of emergency across the globe as soon as certain bodies decide that there is another plague. It also means that preventive measures will be enacted and imposed on the entire planet in the form of, for example, a health passport and a mobile app that will record a person’s whereabouts and report it to the authorities in real time. Failure to comply with the ban on leaving the house will result in an immediate police intervention and also the launch of a procedure to restrict or close access to the bank account of the person who dares to flout the regulations.

The tangent line that we mentioned above is the fact that one oppressive system will likely trigger or support the other: cash will be abolished for the very reason that it will be said that banknotes and coins are a means of transmitting bacteria and viruses!

Will humanity accept this state of affairs? But of course! A few will object, but these – the very few – will be stifled, punished, isolated or imprisoned. The rest, driven by conformity and fear and – above all – stupidity, will not object. The overwhelming majority of humanity will repeat the arguments taken over from schools, churches and the media, namely that:

– money control will prevent financial crime, i.e. bribery, extortion and theft and will cause people to behave according to certain social patterns, thus contributing to the harmonious coexistence of millions of individuals;

– dangerous infectious diseases will be discovered as soon as they appear and consequently nipped in the bud.

Huge benefits, aren’t they? To make the whole thing more palatable, digital money is likely to be introduced along with the granting of a minimum income to every person, without the beneficiary having to work at all! Who wouldn’t want to enter such a paradise! The spectre of deprivation and serious illness will disappear, once for all! The few who will see evil in such a world arrangement will be cursed by the majority of humanity, grateful to the powers that be for such care.

Besides, there will be a swift end to political dissidents. At present, people who mess with the powers that be can count on at least a few fellow citizens to support them financially by throwing a few pennies into the proverbial hat. Once every single money transfer is recorded and every account under scrutiny, such support will become impossible. The authorities can close the account of a political dissident (if they have one) or punish the one who supports the troublemaker. Justin Trudeau, champion of democracy and human rights, has already done this in Canada: accounts were also blocked for those who financially supported protesting motorists.

If you don’t believe this can happen, look around you and ask yourself how many things have become reality that only a generation back were thought impossible to ever happen! For instance, who would have believed thirty years ago that:

– whites would kneel before blacks?

– an Indian would become Prime Minister of Great Britain?

– children would change sex?

– London would turn into a mix of Karachi and Nairobi?

– a black actress would play Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII?

– a goddess of Amazonian Indians would be ceremonially introduced into the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica?

– an entire technologically advanced world equipped with modern medicine would cease to function for two years because of a virus (something that did not happen even in the despised Middle Ages!)?

– a teenage girl would publicly scold docile presidents, prime ministers and ministers?

– CO2 fines would be paid and CO2 traded?

– an American company would prevent a former American president from speaking in public?

– the Western World would turn ethnically into the Third World?

None of us thirty years ago would have believed that the above would become a reality. 

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