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Arbitrariness of wielding power

A text about there being no difference between Tony Blair and Nikita Khrushchev, or about there being no difference between the United Kingdom – the model democracy as it is often claimed – and the USSR – the despotic Soviet system. Are you surprised? Surprised that we are comparing one of the leaders of the so-called free, democratic world and one of the leaders of an inhuman system that collapsed precisely because it was inhuman? Yes, we are comparing Great Britain and the Soviet Union, we are comparing Tony Blair with a Stalinist satrap. More than that: we dare to put an equals sign between the educated leader of the United Kingdom and the simple-minded, uneducated Ukrainian peasant who ruled a superpower for a while. What entitles us to do so?

Justin Trudeau had the bank accounts of Canadian truck drivers who dared to protest against Ottawa’s decisions blocked! Indeed, this fact alone shows that Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian leader hated by the entire “progressive” world, could take lessons from Justin Trudeau on how to ride roughshod over the whole of society!

Both one and the other decided the fate of millions of people and it never occurred to them to ask these people for their opinion. Both one and the other made decision concerning millions of people and could not be bothered to listen to the wishes and desires of those people. Both the one and the other claimed that they governed in the name of the people, for the people, and on the authority of the people. Ha, ha, ha!

In the 1950s, Nikita Khrushchev and his supporting party camarilla separated the Crimea from the Russian Soviet Socialist Federal Republic with a single stroke of the pen and incorporated it into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. In other words, overnight the Russians living in Crimea (for all practical purposes only Russians live in Crimea) became… Ukrainians. Is this what they wanted for themselves? Not at all. Could they have done something to oppose it? Let them try!

Similarly, in the 1990s Tony Blair and his camarilla (industrialists, bankers, who else?) decided to attract millions of people from the Third World to Great Britain and gradually give them British citizenship. Overnight, millions of indigenous Britons in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and other cities woke up in communities that might as well have been part of Pakistan, India or Kenya. Did Tony Blair and his camarilla ask the British people if they wanted to live in Pakistan, India or Kenya? Not at all. When asked, would the British people have answered that they wanted to? Did those in power even care about the opinion of ordinary people? Could ordinary indigenous Britons have resisted what was done to them? Let them try!

In the case of the Soviet Union as in the case of Great Britain, a propaganda machine was set in motion, telling the people that what the authorities were doing was for the latter’s good. Better: the propaganda machine made them believe that what the authorities were doing was being done at the behest of the people. Under both systems, the citizen was kept in the belief that… he, the citizen, governed through the ballot paper and that Tony Blair or Nikita Khrushchev were merely carrying out the mandate of the people…

Both the satrap in the UK and the tyrant in the USSR acted like the overlords we know from ancient times, from antiquity and from the Middle Ages, when there was neither democracy nor human rights, when mankind was immersed in darkness and superstition, when rulers could do whatever they pleased with their subjects. They could cede them to other rulers or purchase them from other monarchs; they could resettle them at will; they could make them believe in one faith or another; they could make them swear loyalty to one monarch or another. They could decide about the life and death of millions of people without asking their opinion at all.

Has anything really changed in the relationship between governments and society? Tony Blair (as well as Angela Merkel, as ell as Joe Biden) and Nikita Khrushchev (as well as Boris Yeltsin, as well as Leonid Kravchuk) with a single stroke of the pen move millions of people from one place on earth to another, change the nationality of millions of people, make millions of people wake up overnight to a different ethnic and political reality, and in none of these cases does anyone bother to ask these millions of people about their wishes.

The authorities, be they formally democratic or authoritarian, do as they please (or, to be more precise, as those who create them please) and brazenly, insolently and arrogantly crush any resistance from those citizens (or, more accurately, from those subjects) who are not willing to accept what is done to them, ordinary people. Successive German chancellors proclaim Germany to be a country of immigrants, and woe betide anyone who dares to express an opposing opinion! The vast majority do not dare to express dissident opinion, and they do so out of opportunism, fear and, finally, under the influence of an overwhelming re-education that, through schools, churches and the media, systematically shapes minds so that the thoughts of ordinary people coincide with the intentions of those circles that really govern.

There is absolutely no difference here between so-called democracies and systems that lack this mythical democracy. Everywhere in the world, power (or rather, the centres that create it) does what it wants (what the centres that create it want). Just look at the dictatorial actions of Justin Trudeau, look at his decision to block the bank accounts of Canadian truck drivers who dared to protest against Ottawa’s decisions! Indeed, this fact alone shows that Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian leader hated by the entire “progressive” world, could take lessons from Justin Trudeau on how to ride roughshod over the whole of society!

We started our deliberations by putting an equal sign between Tony Blair and Nikita Khrushchev (Tony Blair = Nikita Khrushchev) in terms of their authoritarian rule, and we end by putting a greater than sign between Justin Trudeau and Aleksandr Lukashenko (Justin Trudeau > Aleksandr Lukashenko) in an attempt to compare which of them is indeed the more efficient satrap, the crueler dictator or the more ruthless tyrant. 

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