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Have you listened to the President of Belarus?

Have you ever listened to any speech by the President of Belarus? Certainly not. Why would you? But somehow you know that he is a dictator, tyrant and satrap. Somehow you know that the people don’t like him and don’t want him as president. You know because you have been told repeatedly that Alexander Lukashenko is president only because, in collusion with a group of people like him in top positions, he rigs elections, practices propaganda and does God knows what else just to stay in power. Isn’t this the way to look at the situation in Belarus? Who would bother and check how it really is! Who would even think of checking what the media of the so-called free world say about some Belarus! After all, it is known that Belarus is a backward country, which – oh, horror! – does not belong to the European Union and – horror of horrors! – doesn’t even apply for it! Has anyone heard anything like this? How is it even possible not to want to belong to the European Union?! This alone shows that President Lukashenko is governing badly. So why listen to him? Why read his speeches? Why even find out how he, how his entourage, how the vast majority of Belarusians think, how they look at the world? After all, the Western media have already explained it all to us in detail. After all, we know that the whole Belarusian nation wants to be ruled by Mrs. Tikhanovskaya and the Belorussian people want her to include their country in the European Union as soon as possible because, as we know, without the European Union there is no salvation. But let’s return to the Belarusian president.

If we were willing to listen to or read at least one longer speech by him, we would understand why Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for twenty years and why people continue to elect him. We would have understood that the presidential election could not have been rigged. We would understand that those who rioted in the streets of Minsk were juvenile delinquents that Belarusians by no means support. We would understand that Aleksandr Lukashenko is held in high esteem by the vast majority of the nation, and that if not every Belarusian has a high opinion of him, the alternative for every Belarusian is much worse. What does the Belarusian president say to the nation that makes him liked and respected? Why does the West hate him?

Aleksandr Lukashenko presents himself best when he speaks spontaneously. He does it with passion and speaks like a man to a man: he speaks as if he is addressing someone with whom he is feasting at a table. He speaks like a human being, not an EU apparatchik who spews out of his mouth alternately democracy and human rights along with climate change. Alexander Lukashenko talks about the lives of ordinary people and uses the language of ordinary people, and not once does he use this newspeak full of green economics or climate change or human rights. He addresses pressing economic and social problems, and sees them exactly as ordinary people see them.

He points his finger at the very rich and says more or less like this: “We were told that this is normal, that these people were resourceful, and so now they rightfully have much more than the rest of us. No. This is not normal! How did it supposedly happen that someone became a billionaire in 30 years? Did he earn it?” At this point the listeners give him a warm and spontaneous applause. They all think the same, they all say the same things among relatives and acquaintances. Aleksandr Lukashenko goes on to say, more or less: “You have made millions, fine, then why are you not investing in Belarus but somewhere abroad? Why are you sending money from here to boost the Turkish economy and not ours? You’ve made millions, fine, why don’t you share some of that income with others, with those who work for you? After all, it is from their labor that you became rich! Why do you treat these workers badly, why don’t you give this money to, for example, a domestic sports club rather than a foreign one? Why don’t you share with the nation? After all, all these riches that you have, neither you nor your children can consume!” Again, at this point, the audience applauds him thunderously and enthusiastically because they all think the same, because they all, when they are with family or friends, say the same!

“All of us, as we sit here, are believers. Listen, He sees everything” the president raises his finger upwards “and will give everyone what they deserve. Think of the life to come! With this in mind relate to others as you should! Respect them! And to our businessmen I will give a piece of advice: since you earned a lot, help a lot!” The listeners are delighted. The listeners applaud him. Their president speaks as they speak when they meet, when they sit around the table.

His voters become entranced when they hear, “Businessmen should show responsibility for the nation. They may not like Lukashenko, but they must obey the law, pay taxes [in Belarus, as in Russia, income tax is 13%] and must respect the man who works for them.” The audience applauds and listens further as President Lukashenko says: “Business must be patriotic. We don’t need non-patriotic businessmen. Let them leave along with the money they have stolen! Indeed, because if they don’t leave, they will destroy our country! Remember! Belarus is not Russia. The authorities here will not kneel before big business!” People are elated and joyful! People know how the oligarchs brought both Russia and Ukraine to their knees, how they subjugated these two big countries to themselves, how they extracted billions from them into their own pockets and how they imposed their own will on the presidents there!

Isn’t this the reason why the globalist supranational corporations which, through their billions of dollars, control the mass media and the governments, isn’t this the reason why they hate the Belarusian president? Isn’t this the reason why they force this hatred on millions of ordinary people in the West? Someone like Lukashenko spoils their money-making! Never mind Belarus – after all, it’s a small country, 10 million inhabitants – but what an example is spreading from this tiny Belarus to other countries, to other leaders! Lukashenko must be removed at all costs! This is how the globalists be must be thinking, while the president continues:

“The state is for the nation, for the people. Power should be national, people’s power. If not, we will be transformed into a banana republic where everyone cares only about themselves!” These words are emotional, these words are powerful. Isn’t it true what the president says? Just look at Ukraine! Just look at the countries of Central Europe, which have to listen to the dictates of Berlin and Paris! Just look at the countries of Latin America and Africa…

“It can’t be that the Belarusian market will have apples from Poland, potatoes from Egypt and some other agricultural product from Lithuania! Either the corporations will sell Belarusian agricultural product, or we will stamp them out!” A Belarusian farmer couldn’t have put it better! The Belarusian farmer will support his president. So will the Belorussian worker.

Lukashenko won’t be supported by the tattooed teenager in Minsk who can’t do without constant access to Facebook or TikTok; he won’t be supported by the Belarusian student who lives from scholarship to scholarship, who looks around for an EU grant and voyages around Europe under the Erasmus program. No, these people will not support President Lukashenko; these people don’t even know where bread comes from (they eat at MacDonald’s) and what it means to take care of a family. These people have no attachment to their own nation: they are raised by Netflix. And it is from these people that the street rioters in the service of the West are recruited. They and only they are the ones who vote for Tikhanovskaya. However, they represent a small fraction of Belarusian society. Perhaps they made up the 20% who voted against Lukashenko at the last election, who voted against the man who reminds the rich that there is Someone who sees everything, so they had better have second thoughts if they hurt common people, if they do not share at least a little with the needy.

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