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EU like the church in the Middle Ages – before the split or before the Renaissance

The Middle Ages came to an end when people realized that the language of the rulers, the church, no longer fit the reality. The language that was the expression of religion (ideology) had to be renewed (Renaissance). Only then was the renewal expressed in art and architecture. Now the EU is in the similar point of its history. The level of alienation from reality of the EU and its bureaucracy has reached its peak. The language of the EU, its hypocrisy, ideological narrative became especially evident at the outbreak of the war in Ukraine: empty promises of arms deliveries, the yes and no for the sanctions, quasi-care for Ukrainians as a cover for the action of hostile takeover of Western Ukraine (its annexation into the EU zone of influence under US protectorate), the import of millions of Ukrainians to save the tragic, and demographic situation in the West of the continent. This Europe of many speeds, this rhetorical hoax about equality and equity, and this only valid, untouchable newspeak, uninterrupted by the war, in which LGBTQ+ and people of color are paid homage.

Democracy means that those in power represent “demos” (Greek: people). EU elites represent minorities, whom they call victims of the white repressive male system. The EU officials are puppets of the oligarchs and lobbyists, bought by the sheiks from Qatar, bought by Gazprom, bought by Big Pharma in the pandemic. 600 000 euros in the apartment of the Italian MP Pier Antonio Panzeri. A suitcase full of banknotes at the Greek EU vice-president. It’s easy to buy indulgences from von der Leyen, just like in the Middle Ages, isn’t it?

The “demos” of the EU elites does not exist, it is the fictitious people, shaped by newspeak, of denationalized citizens, of the people with only left-liberal views, of the people who turn a blind eye to the numerous scandals and affairs in Brussels because they live lavishly in the conflict-free, multicultural West. Suitcases full of money in every bedroom. Let us pray for Renaissance!

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