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Ukraine: a treat for Western economic sharks and a military beast


In the biggest circus for elites – Davos, so hated by anti-globalists – the course is set for our future. In 2023, as always, the annual meeting was attended by the heads of Goldman Sachs and the world’s largest wealth fund, the equally notorious Black Rock. The former – Solomon – and the latter – Fink, together with other billionaires, have already written the history for the destroyed country. And do you know, dear friends from Ukraine, what awaits you in the future? According to Fink’s statements in Davos, the country can become “a beacon of hope.” You mean beacon of hope for Ukrainians? Not at all: For Western investors, because they would “flood the country with money” – according to Fink. Fink and his colleague, the powerful banker calculated the country’s construction costs at $750 billion.1)World’s largest investment banks ready to attract capital to Ukraine to rebuild it, 2023-01-19 Interfax.2)Blackrock’s Larry Fink Plans to Rebuild Ukraine for $750 Billion, You Tube. Goldman Sachs had already sent its own people to Kiev as advisors a few months ago, and Fink agreed with Zelenskyy at the end of the year that Black Rock would support and advise Ukraine on investments after the end of the war.3)Mehr über Black Rock in Gefira Nr. 62 (März 2022). So the new colony has already been bought, the future flood of money will make Ukrainians entirely dependent on the West. A model for successful takeover of a country tested several times in history. Now a small obstacle stands in the way: the war must be won.

The West is handing over weapons to Ukraine on a scale reminiscent only of similar sponsorship of the Allies by the U.S. in World War II. The result? The Ukrainian army is better equipped than the armies of Germany, France and Italy combined.

Weapons Ukraine Germany France Italy Great Britain
Tanks 2596 266 406 200 227
Armored vehicles 12 303 9217 6558 6908 5015
Self-propelled artillery 1067 121 109 54 89
Towed artillery 2040 0 105 108 126
Mobile missile systems 490 38 12 21 44
Soldiers 500 000 200 000 240 000 190 000 231000

Comparison of armed forces in Europe. (Source: IISS, The Military Balance 2022)

One day the war will end and the weapons will remain in Ukraine. The far-right movements in Ukraine are gaining ground. The nationalist-minded mercenaries, provided with state-of-the-art Western weapons by Ukrainian oligarchs, are responsible for many successes on the front lines. It is the mercenaries from Azov, Kraken and other troops who are considered as the new elite. They will come to power in the new post-war Ukraine.

And now remember the biggest operation of the CIA from the 1980s (Operation Cyclone), when the USA supported mujaheddin with billions of dollars and supplied them with weapons. In this way, the Americans played the Islamists against Moscow. Now, in this way, they created a new Frankenstein – the Taliban, who emerged from the radicalized Afghan tribes of the mujaheddin. The Taliban later required thousands of Americans and other NATO soldiers to fight against them for decades, only to lose the battle ignominiously in 2021 under Joe Biden. Is this not a warning from recent world history?

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2. Blackrock’s Larry Fink Plans to Rebuild Ukraine for $750 Billion, You Tube.
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