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Gefira 72: Weltmacht oder Niedergang

Are we sleepwalking into world war three? Is the prospect of world war three looming large? Actually, it is. Consider:

• the United States is already at war with Russia in Ukraine;
• the United States is poised for war with China over Taiwan,
• Iran is said to be about to manufacture its nuclear weapons,
• Iran, Russia and China seem to be making up an anti-American alliance;
• India refuses to cooperate with the West;
• politicians in Washington and the European Union (especially women driven by feminist madness) are war-mongering like never before;
• the United Nations (i.e. those who pull the strings behind this facade) is preparing a global pact against new outbreaks of pandemics (in plain English: the managers of the world prepare tools to nip in the bud popular riots and suppress revolutions which they expect to soon take place and which they are scared of);
• Third World people are continuously being resettled to white man’s countries, which results in the emergence of parallel societies and enhanced ethnic tensions;
• pervert ideologies of gender reassignment, critical race theory, equity of outcome (communism pure) rather than equality of opportunities are gaining more and more ground, leading to enhanced social tension,
all of these and many more make an impression that we are not years but months or weeks away from a BIG BANG.

Sadly, it is not the common people who control their own destiny: it is the few managers of the world who control the destiny of the whole of humanity. They engage in war games – at first in theory, then in reality – and take utmost pleasure at it. They view ordinary human beings, nations and countries, cultures and religions as chess pieces that they can capture or replace, with which they can castle, mate or checkmate. They carve territories and assign people to states as they please. Truth means nothing to them, solemn promise means nothing to them, human tears mean nothing to them. All they are after is world dominance. They will set the whole globe ablaze to gain global power. WELTMACHT ODER NIEDERGANG, that’s what’s emblazoned on their banners.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #72 is available now

  • The Great War for Raw Materials and Bretton Woods III
  • Gamblers on the Potomac and the Thames
  • The emergence of cryptocurrencies
  • Can cryptocurrency brokers, interest rates and liquidity

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