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Standing on the right side of history

We stand on the right side of history, were the final words of the statement made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of his three-day visit to Russia. We stand on the right side of history.

The divide between East and West is large and rising. Leaders like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin along with their ministers and their entourage must really look down on their Western – once partners – today opponents: sneaky, craft, cunning conmen and – for that matter – conwomen from the European Union and the United States. Are we insulting them? Not by any means! According to their own words (those of French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel) the deals that they make or broker are not worth the paper they are written on. The divide between East and West is for the foreseeable future irreversible. Consider two unrelated events: the agreement struck between Moscow and Beijing to build the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline (through Mongolia) and the International Criminal Court issuing a warrant arrest for Russia’s president. The pipeline begins on the Yamal Peninsula, the same peninsula from where ultimately natural gas was transported through the NordStream lines. The sign is crystal clear: Russia has stopped deluding itself about the possibility of reversing political or economic relations with the West. The court’s pronouncement makes it also crystal clear that the West will never ever sit down to the negotiating table with the sitting president of Russia. Two points of no return. Add to this: [1] the official incorporation into Russia of four provinces that belonged to Ukraine and [2] the decision taken by Moscow and Beijing to make financial settlements increasingly in the Chinese currency.

It is imaginable that the West will accept the incorporation of the said territories, but it will never ever accept the dedollarisation! Perhaps that alone explains why the West is so hell-bent on prolonging the war between NATO and Russia, to the point of granting Ukraine – the prime battleground of these hostilities – through US-controlled International Monetary Fund a loan of over 16 billion dollars. There are many countries around the globe in need of aid, much smaller aid, and they will never ever as much as be considered for it by the International Monetary Fund!

As soon as the war between NATO and Russia erupted, the West resorted to sanctions of mass destruction in the hope of seeing its opponent brought to its knees. Lo and behold, it is the American banks along with one Swiss that are in serious trouble! Furthermore, the emerging economies (in today’s parlance) or Third World countries (in yesterday’s parlance) have all flatly refused to join the sanctions of mass destruction. Much though the West may not like it, the non-Western world is waiting with bated breath who will come out victorious and they are hoping it will not be the West. Why? Because the whole non-Western globe has grown sick and tired of the moral globalism imposed by the United States and the European Union, of sanctions heaped on disobedient countries and of the policing done on the part of the world’s hegemon by the hegemon’s troops. Even America’s bestie like Saudi Arabia is drifting away from Washington and closer to China, and resuming diplomatic relationships with Iran, one of America’s top enemies.

The Power of Siberia 2 pipeline: does it not remind you of NordStream 1 and 2?

The difference between the distance from the Yamal Peninsula to Germany and that to China is not all that big.

Who do you think will blow up the Power of Siberia pipelines to harm Russia and China?

It all looks like the balance of power is shifting, it all looks like the West is increasingly losing ground. It resembles a number of similar shifts of international power that we know from the past. Recall that after the peak of ancient Greece’s expansion under Alexander the Great, there began a process of decline as a result of which Rome, a rising power, gradually dominated Greece. Recall the Roman Empire being replaced by “emerging” barbarian kingdoms. It looks like the West is facing its end. It may be slow with some elements of the Western culture surviving for a time (e.g. the English language as a lingua franca, similarly to Latin surviving ancient Romans and utilised by barbarians for several more centuries after the fall of Rome) but it is inevitable. It is inevitable so much so that the West is intent on committing suicide: Third World immigration continues to be encouraged, Christian morality continues to be destroyed, self-loathing white Europeans and white Americans continue to multiply like rabbits.

Europe and the United States will not save the world by diversifying their own populations; rather, by doing so they breed contempt among the newcomers who despise the West and they are accelerating the downfall of host countries. In fact, the host countries are not diversified, as it is claimed: they are internally more and more divided. And we know: a house divided against itself will not stand. It is obvious to anyone outside the West and to very few inside. It is obvious to Xi Jinping, which is why he stated confidently: We stand on the right side of history.

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