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Uganda sends moral shock waves

Tee-hee and ha! ha! Uganda’s bill banning, prohibiting, criminalizing, punishing, stamping out homosexuality flies in the face of two idols of the liberals: homosexuals and black people. Ugandan parliament with but one abstainer adopted a law that challenges everything the West has thought about progress and Africans and freedom and modernity, and, and, and. What an event! Ugandan parliament, packed with all black MPs (Why are there no whites? Is diversity not Uganda’s strength?) in a debate and in a place both modelled on the British parliamentary debate and parliamentary venue has made homosexuality a grave sin. The black man (and woman!), so much worshipped by Western liberals, has challenged the liberal articles of faith and joined ideologically – how shall we put it? – white extreme far-right movements? White fascists? Gee… What an event!

The BBC is flabbergasted! “Life in prison for saying you’re gay”! In certain cases also death penalty is envisaged. This is “deeply repressive legislation” that will “institutionalize discrimination, hatred and prejudice against LGBTI people” (notice the I added to LGBT; the initialism keeps growing!)”. The law is condemned by UK’s Africa Minister Andrew Mitchell, a white man! (how dared he condemn a sovereign decision of blacks, him being white?) and the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (not black either!). How could that ever happen? It is not white, far-right, catholic, regressive, suppressive, dark forces that came up with such an abominable and deplorable act but the most celebrated race among the races (of course there is only one race, the human race, but still for the sake of argument… and fun), the black race, a moral paragon held for whites around the globe, a moral paragon that they are supposed to emulate, pray to and genuflect to. Shame on them, really…

Shame on whom, actually? On the blacks? God forbid! The event will be readily explained away by – yes! yes! you guessed it right! – white racism! How? There you are! The ancestors of black Ugandans and in fact the ancestors of blacks everywhere in the world suffered such enormous trauma at the hands of whites (slavery then, “systemic” racism now) that it still manifests itself in their collective psyche. Never mind that present-day blacks in Uganda have had nothing to do with white oppression: it is enough that a handful of their ancestors suffered SLAVERY some two hundred years ago to make their distant descendants still psychologically troubled. Criminalizing homosexuality might be just a manifestation of their resentment against the injustice of whites from two centuries ago, a resentment that today’s Ugandans take out on… their black brothers and sisters who indulge in same-sex relationships. White psychologists and other experts will readily concoct an explanation like that and white gullible, impressionable men and women and those who identify as neither, in Europe and America, will readily believe it wholesale. You wanna bet? Before you do, recall all the crackpot ideas that Sigmund Freud churned out for the consumption of the educated people and how those educated people bought it lock, stock and barrel!

Or it will be explained away by the suppressive, oppressive Christian faith which whites, WHITES! – the eternal culprit! – brought to Africa, to Uganda, imposed it on blacks, forced it upon them and through it taught them extreme intolerance stemming from far right European political ideas. You see, Ugandans copied one-to-one the British parliamentary system, complete with wigs worn by the Speaker of the House of Commons and Hansard – the name for the official written record of everything that is said in the parliament, so similarly they must have imbibed the poisonous far-right European ideology of former centuries. Now they need to be cured of it. But then… are whites to cure them of it? Does that not smack of racism and colonialism, of adopting a patronizing attitude to Africans… again? Yikes! What a vicious circle…

Ugandan MPs debating the new law. No whites or at least Hindus among them?

Do Ugandans not know that ethnic diversity makes nations stronger? Yikes!

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