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Where are you, human rights activists?

The proxy war between NATO and Russia has been dragging on for almost a year and a half. The odds are that Ukraine cannot win: even if you believe in what the mainstream media tell you that Kiev’s armies will soon re-conquer Crimea and then storm the turrets and towers of the Kremlin, a look at the map, a cursory scan of the statistical data comparing the economies of the two belligerents and their human resources ought to make everyone sober up. You may feel strongly about Ukraine and still see reality; twenty or so years ago there were people – though it is difficult to imagine – who felt strongly about Serbia when this small country was being bombed into stone age by the Americans and still reasonably they could not cherish any hope that tiny Serbia would be capable of defying and successfully opposing the gargantuan, trigger-happy aggressor.

If reality is what it is, if facts are what they are (and as we know that facts obstinately refuse to conform to our wishes), why then prolong the hostilities? It is highly unlikely that NATO will let itself be drawn into the conflict as that would mean World War Three and MAD i.e. mutually assured destruction. Why then feed Ukraine with a scanty number of tanks or armoured vehicles or – as is being planned – aircraft? Why funnelling money into the Kiev regime to the detriment of the many needs that Western countries have? Why all this madness, all this insanity, all this war-mongering?

I can very well understand why Western politicians have an insatiable thirst for blood:

First: They revel in playing the big game around the globe, creating and destroying nations, flying from place to place and having talks while participating in palatable, luscious and delectable dinners and defecating comfortably in luxurious hotel bathrooms.

Second: They are beside themselves with raging fury because President Putin reversed the course pursued by President Yeltsin: President Putin effectively put a stop to the plunder of Russian resources and finances. They are shaking with raging fury because they have “invested” so much in Ukraine and expected huge returns, and all of a sudden someone threw a monkey wrench into their plans of subjugating and exploiting Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Third: They are raving mad because all those sanctions – wave after wave after another wave – have not only had no effect but seem to have strengthened Russia economically, socially and politically (the imminent expansion of BRICS, Sino-Russian bond, high popularity ratings for President Putin). Worse, the sanctions became a backlash for the European economy.

Fourth: They are livid with anger because they have severed all diplomatic channels and now do not know how to come to a settlement – or better out: how to backpedal – without losing face. To do so, they would have to sit down at the negotiation table with the “killer, murderer, despot, tyrant” and all the other names that they have applied in reference to Putin, being so self-assured that they could use them with impunity because they were oh so certain that this killer, murderer, despot and tyrant would not survive politically once they had launched their sanctions and would be toppled down either by a popular uprising or the Russian elites.

To sum up: I can perfectly understand why the Western politicians are reluctant to even consider a peaceful settlement. After all, they are safe, well-fed, travelling the world over and enjoying life to the fullest. They do not have their sons in the trenches, either, and no missiles or blackouts or power cuts disturb the peace of their daily routine. Also, their voters are not thrown into the meat grinder that the Ukrainian conscripts are, which means they do not fear a backlash from their own people.

But what about all those activists that usually shoot their mouths off about human rights, peace, ecology/climate change, and animal rights?

Hey, I’m calling on you, champions of human rights: tens of thousands of Ukrainians are dying senselessly and have been dying senselessly for several months now; millions of Ukrainians are suffering from fear, shortages in supplies, and have been suffering for several months in the war that cannot be won by Ukraine. Millions have left the country and continue to do so. Why are you, champions of human rights, not protesting? Why aren’t you taking to the streets? Why aren’t you screaming at the top of your lungs that the war must be stopped?

Hey, I’m calling on you, peace movement activists! Why are you silent? Follow in the footsteps of your predecessors who so eagerly protested the war in Vietnam! Where are you? War is being waged next door to you and you are afraid of making yourselves heard? You are afraid of making yourselves visible? Why? People are dying on a daily basis and you do not care?

Hey, I’m calling on you, activists of the green movement, climate change activists, environmentalists! Tens of thousands of exploding shells and missiles release tens of thousands of tons of chemicals that pollute the air and the ground and contaminate the water. Where are you, uh? You are otherwise so sensitive about the carbon print of a single man or woman or child being left with a single breath, and now, in the face of such a colossal, catastrophic, gigantic contamination of the environment you remain silent? No Fridays for future this time? Why, for heaven’s sake?

Hey, you activists of all and very stripe, hey you, allegedly so independent of the managers of the world, of the wicked capitalists and evil politicians, can it be true that someone has told you, Don’t you dare! and you tucked your tail between your legs?

Look, you are allowed to cut school on Fridays because the carbon print threatens to do away with all life on the planet earth but you cannot stage a weekend protest over the tens of thousands of tons of chemical compounds and shells mangling and mauling and lacerating the Mother Earth? Shame on you! 

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