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The scandalous migrant pact: The imposed “solidarity” or how Brussels and Berlin blackmail others

The negotiations were not easy. Hungary, that defiant child of Europe, refused from the start. Poland argued that it took in so many Ukrainians that it met all the migration quotas for many years to come. No, said the hypocritical Scholz and von der Leyen, who shapes Europe’s demographic landscape. You must take in at least 30,000 migrants a year! And behold: They gave in… Those quasi-right-wing Eastern Europeans like Orban and Morawiecki. What they were frightened by by the powerful EU technocrats, we will certainly not know.

This shows that Brussels and Berlin are not about, say, helping Ukrainians and seeing them as migrants on an equal footing with Africans and Arabs. Evidence of this was provided by the beginning of the war, when Poland took in most of the “refugees” from the East and provided the most military support to its Eastern neighbor, while Scholz sent only the familiar helmets, which was like: Are you hungry? Ok, then I’ll send you some bowls and plates, you have to get food by yourselves.

Now the EU under Swedish leadership continues to show its true face. It is still about ethnic exchange and bringing the uneducated masses of people from the remotest places in the world. That the very commissioner from Sweden stands for the pact and advancement of the exchange is striking. A woman from a once quiet and idyllic country, where crime was zero and whose cities have since turned into a paradise for Arab and African gangs, pleads for the planned abolition of her own nation.

The facts are these:

By the end of May, 72,585 migrants had arrived in Europe, most of them via sea. Since the drive is organized by criminal gangs from Italy, Spain, Libya, and Morocco that despise human life, 1,246 people died or were classified as missing in the process (Nachrichten, Al Jazeera English, 2023-06-08, 23.00 Uhr). These gangs are particularly looking forward to the pact. The pact will surely encourage more droves to make their way to Europe.

Among these migrants, most people came from Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh. No wars are currently being waged in these countries, so these people should not be called refugees and given free money, shelter and food, unless: they are superhumans and Europe belongs to them a priori.

70% of the asylum seekers in Austria can neither write nor read. They will enrich Austria and lead it to the bright future.

④ The number of terrorist attacks after 2015 (after Mutti opened the gates) increased dramatically in Western Europe. In total, there were 133 attacks with 385 deaths. Do you remember the attacks in those years in Poland, Czechia or Hungary?

The EU opened its borders, but at the same time paid billions to countries like Turkey, Mali or Niger to stop this flow of migrants. Where is the logic? Or is it about transfers from the pocket of Western taxpayers directly to the pocket of dictators in the mentioned countries?

How would the German sociologists interpret the fact that in 2022 there were 25,111 car thefts in Germany (84 million people), while in Poland (about 38 million people) there were only 6,157. how would they explain that the number of bicycle thefts in Germany has increased dramatically recently? And so on and immediately. The percentage of citizens with the migration background in the country of Goethe is 28.7% and the percentage of these citizens in crimes is 37.4%. Even Statista cannot embellish reality, but if you live in Germany, then you know that there are big lies, even bigger lies and statistics.

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