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Gefira 77: Death of Truth

It has always been a dream of the rulers to have obedient subjects or citizens. At first, obedience was enforced by means of a sheer bludgeon. This, however, was not effective in the long run. The subjugated people knew they were subjugated and they only looked for opportunities to rebel. Besides, a ruler needed to maintain a policing force, which sapped the leader’s resources and posed a threat in and of itself: the praetorians or janissaries in all empires had the unpleasant habit of toppling current leaders and elevating others, who were more to their tastes.

Leaders being after all human beings have also had this peculiar psychological feature of wanting to be not only feared but first of all admired and… liked, if not downright loved! Now, admiration can to a certain extent be elicited by force (we tend to admire strength or will power), but love certainly cannot. If the feeling of love does not arise spontaneously, and you badly need to be loved, then what do you do? You turns to magic, to applying a love potion and the problem is solved.

No, we are not spinning fairy tales. Of course, we don’t mean a love potion as such: we mean stratagems that do the job of a love potion. We mean psychological methods and medical substances that impress human minds and make humans behave the way that is desired by those who apply those means. The best slave is the one who does not know that he is a slave!

To make things clear right from the start: exercising such a psychological impact is nothing specifically new, limited to the age of advanced science and technology! We all, individuals, even at an early age, quickly learn that people can be influenced and made to do what we wish them to do if only we select proper words, intonation, or facial expressions; if only we influence them at the right time, under the favourable circumstances; if only we skilfully exploit the other person’s (our victim’s) desires, drives, expectations, beliefs or superstition. We all learn this technique of bending the will of the people around us to our will. No doubt, some of us are better at it, others are worse, but we all know the game and its rules.

Why not utilize the same phenomena on a larger scale? Why not work out psychological mechanisms that influence the behaviour of groups of people, professional groups, societies, nations, mankind? Why not resort to substances that have the same effect? The prospects are tempting very much! Once you can have control over the thoughts, desires, wishes, dreams and consequently – the behaviour of people, you can remain at the helm with relative ease without fear of being toppled. Hence, rulers and powerful individuals of whatever kind have employed smart psychologists with whose aid they have hoped to extend their political, economic, financial power over the masses of people.

Gefira 77 is devoted especially to this phenomenon. We remind the reader of such smart psychologists and of whole institutes along with their programs that were aimed at analyzing human psyche and enslaving it. You may have heard about the Tavistock Institute or Edward Bernays; you may have read about non-consensual psychological and medical experiments whose subjects were living people; you my have been informed about lies that purport to be the truth, lies made on purpose by state organs or the big media. You might be aware that you, too, are targeted by the managers of the world. Perhaps Gefira 77 will sensitize you to these dangers even more and, consequently, arm you against such devilish attempts because – as we know – forewarned is forearmed.


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  • Death of Truth
  • MK ULTRA and mysterious sects
  • End of the Tavistock Clinic?
  • Recession is a fact

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