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The United States in death throes

The United States – once such a great country, a great nation – is plummeting with an ever increasing speed to the disbelief, amazement, wonder, surprise of the whole world. What is happening?

The United States is suffering from ailments compounded by other ailments and the nation seems to be on a suicidal path. It involves itself in conflicts around the globe, policing (a polite word) or bullying (the right term for the phenomenon) smaller nations, which is a huge drain on its financial resources and which turns more and more countries into sworn enemies of the United States. The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is about to be lost, which is a huge loss of prestige and the money invested in it! China is constantly framed by American government propaganda as America’s most formidable rival while Israel, the tail that wags the American dog, demands that Washington commits itself more and more in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To make things even worse, hawks in Washington are vociferous about launching a punitive attack against Iran. Let us sum it up: the United States is taking on – simultaneously – Russia, China, Palestinians and Iran not to mention the Houthies in Yemen.

The United States is governed – at the face of it at least – by a senior citizen who has become the international butt of unkind jokes. This senior citizen either does not know how to run the country or quite purposefully is hellbent on having it nosedive into a bottomless pit. The country’s southern border has been opened wide for the whole period of Joe Biden’s administration, letting in hundreds of thousands of aliens. It is said they are from Mexico: properly speaking, they cross the border where Mexico neighbours the United States, but they are from all over the Third World: from the whole of Central and South America, from Africa and Asia. What policy is the Hill pursuing? Is Joe Biden following in the footsteps of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in 2015 let in roughly a million of Third World aliens? Joe Biden has let in THREE MILLION so far. What purpose can this huge influx of foreigners serve? A possible explanation says the democrats want to enlarge their voting base: grateful immigrants once they are granted US citizenship will always vote for the democrats. If that is true, then the extent of high treason to the nation committed by the American democrats just blows everybody’s mind.

Texas, one of the most prosperous states, has begun to rebel against this policy. Its governor decided to put up razor wire along the border to prevent aliens from entering. This met with the resistance on the part of Washington. Texas is supported in this respect by more than twenty republican states. A run-up to a civil war? We have witnessed the dissolution of the Soviet Union, we may become witnesses to the dissolution of the United States of America.

That’s not all. America is riddled with crime and drug addiction. Crime has been condoned for years by strange forces behind the scenes, forces that incapacitate the police and pass laws that depenalize petty crime: California is a notorious example. Here, one can shoplift up to a certain amount of money and must not be bothered about it by either shop-owners or the police. Fentanyl – a strong drug – is being traded in American cities and towns on a large scale causing ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DEATHS annually. Due to the open border, the cartels that deal in drugs have easy access to the whole of the United States. This is Mexican organized crime in action. Rumour has it that China has its hand in it as well: an act of revenge for the nineteenth century procedure imposed on the Middle Kingdom by the Western powers (including the United States) of selling drugs to the Chinese population. Two prolonged wars were fought against China (Opium Wars: 1839-1842 and 1856-1860) to force the Chinese authorities to agree to having its own people be put on the dope. So, who knows? Fentanyl is produced in China.

Does all this close the list of ailments that the United States is suffering from? Hell, no! The woke ideology is finishing the job off. God, the morals, tradition, values such as the family or marriage have been for the most part done away with; instead, wokeism is gaining ground. Everything traditional is scorned, derided, frowned upon or destroyed; conversely, everything hitherto abnormal is given a status of something grand, progressive, humane, wonderful.

We have had such societal and moral revolutions in history: the French and the Bolshevik revolutions are the first that come to mind. During those times of upheaval, the then do-gooders or progressivists were also hellbent on destroying everything that they could lay their hands on: the faith, the family, the calendar, even the names of months. Christ was replaced with the cult of wisdom or the adoration of Marx while all the traces of the past had to be demolished, crushed, erased, turned inside out or put upside down. Precisely as it is in today’s Western world in general, and in the United States of America in particular.

Do they who run the United States know what policies they are pursuing? They haven’t finished the war against Russia, and yet they want to bomb Iran; they have the Gaza conflict on their hands, and yet they want to challenge China over Taiwan; they have difficulties drafting sufficient numbers of troops, and yet by putting the US Army on the Woke platform they do everything to discourage patriotic, healthy and mentally sound men from joining the troops; they say they need to fight Russia in Ukraine or else Russia will invade the whole of Europe, and yet they are complicit in the invasion of their own country; for years they have been outsourcing the American industry to China and India, and now they have found out that they have become dependent on the outside world and that people who are flocking inside the United States will find no employment; they have tried to stage colour revolutions here and there around the globe, and now they are about to have a national split on their own turf due to their weird policies; they imposed the dollar as the currency of international business, and now they are facing the budding process of de-dollarization. Are these America’s death throes?

What else can we expect? The enmity between the democrats and the republicans is such that one cannot exclude that one of these days Donald Trump will be eliminated from the presidential campaign before he gets elected. America knows how to remove individuals who dare to challenge the powers that be: two Kennedies were murdered, while recently Jeffrey Epstein – the guy who procured teenagers to slake the sexual appetite of the powerful of this world – has been made to kill himself.

I am not original in drawing the comparison between the United States and ancient Rome, but it imposes itself: rising inflation, influx of foreigners, childless families, corrupt morals, reliance on aliens, a deep split within the country (eventually the eastern – Byzantium – and the Western parts of the Roman Empire went their separate ways), the impotence to control borders, the teeming wretches in the big cities with their ever increasing entitlements, the babel of nations and races that was so characteristic of the twilight of the Roman Empire, and, and, and. Are these death throes?

Sure, ancient Rome did not die overnight. It took some time. Yet, once Romans began their suicidal journey, there was no stopping it. Sure, this or that emperor was successful in reversing the downward trend, but only for a while. The general process could not be undone. Remember: it was the foreigners who eventually devastated the cradle of the Roman Empire, the foreigners that the emperors let in.

Psychologists have worked out the concept of five mental stages that precede the death of an individual. These are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. What stage is the United States in? It is certainly denial: few Americans would agree that their Empire is about to die. It is certainly anger: Washington is throwing its weight about around the globe as if there was no tomorrow. It is bargaining: the Empire is trying to buy time by enlarging its military alliances, by waging proxy wars, by sabre-rattling, by trying to invigorate its decadent population with the influx of foreigners. It is depression: you can see it in terms of decaying morals, low self-esteem, the finances and economy of the Empire. What remains? The very last stage. Once Americans have been convinced that their ancestors were evil people (slave owners, racists, oppressors of women), once Americans have been made to believe that women are better than men (and so should oust men from all their positions, also in the military), once Americans have been induced to dabble in and argue over “gender-reassignment” (boys becoming girls and girls becoming boys, boys and gilrs identifying as a third sex/gender), once Americans have SLAUGHTERED SIXTY MILLION PEOPLE in the wombs of their women since Roe vs Wade (1973), there is no one to fight, there is nothing to fight for, there is nothing to fall back on. The last phase – acceptance – will follow any time soon. 

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