Citizens recoiling

Every few years an event sends shock waves around the globe:

2001: the attack of hijacked planes on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House;
2008: the financial crisis;
2015: the immigration “crisis;”
2020: the “pandemic;”
202?: …?

There have always been individuals who have questioned the unfolding events and were – yes, you guessed it right – categorized as followers of conspiracy theories. Vigilant and observant people could not understand why a superpower was paralyzed by a group of amateur pilots; why large staffs operating the most important banks did not see the financial bubble; why all of a sudden Africans and Asians began storming Europe and the United States although they had not done so for a millennium; why a type of flu was declared a pandemic and stopped the economic life of almost the whole world; what is being prepared for us within the next few years. No wonder then that also the current “crisis” poses questions.

A number of German and Austrian scientists, physicians, sociologists, experts and others have decided to call into being the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss – ACU) into the so-called pandemic. Their claim is that there is no pandemic, that the wave of corona-induced diseases is comparable to flu waves that from time to time sweep across the globe and that the precautions and measurements taken by the German government were excessive and unwarranted, leading to larger collateral damage than the virus itself. The members of the Committee seem to have been sprung into action by the inactivity of the ruling parties and those in the opposition in this respect plus by their own professional observations and the internal report of the Ministry of the Interior that “90% of all necessary operations in Germany were not carried out” because of the pandemic.

The committee members are afraid that the vaccine that is being designed is dangerous as it an RNA vaccination which is “able to alter the genetic material” and that under the guise of the infection protection laws a “surveillance state with mind control and surveillance apps” is in the making. The grass roots resistance has found its representatives: big calibre people.

Committee members: Bodo Schiffmann, Heiko Schöning and Martin Haditsch. Will they, too, be dismissed as conspiracy theorists?

Dis-United States of America

We all remember those shots. American troops are entering Baghdad. A tank stops somewhere in the city, cautiously, in the vicinity of a Saddam Hussein monument. After a few minutes of apparent inactivity, a crowd is beginning to form around the monument. The crowd is not all that big. It rallies around the figure of Iraq’s president. Soon an American soldier climbs the monument and puts an American flag on it. An Iraqi intervenes, so the flag is replaced with the Iraqi one. And then, then some individuals begin to climb the statue, a crane arrives from somewhere, a steel rope is attached to the monument and the crane drives slowly back, taunting the line and gradually slanting the president’s image to its feet. Eventually the figure drops to the ground and the cheering people dance around it, deliver it kicks and carry some of the pieces that fell off in the process away.

The alien forces have conquered the capital city of the enemy and performed an age-old ritual that victors used to perform in the presence of the vanquished: Americans demolished the material symbol of the enemy’s sovereignty and by doing it they also humiliated the routed nation.

In the nineties of the 20th century we could all see angry Russians in Moscow, but also angry Poles in Warsaw and equally angry residents of other European capitals tearing down monuments from the communist era, especially those of Comrade Felix Dzerzhinsky, the notorious head of the Cheka (from: Всероссийская чрезвычайная комиссия, i.e. Vserossiyskaya chrezvychaynaya komissiya = The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission).

Since the dawn of history monuments would be put up and torn down. Either act reflected a huge political, social, religious or demographic change. Monuments are erected by common consent of the majority of a given (national, social, religious, political) community, in which case they are wanted as a tribute to or a memory of the community’s most cherished heroes or values, or they are enforced by occupying forces, in which case they are hated by those against whose will they have been put up.

Monuments are only desecrated, defaced, toppled or destroyed by the enemies of those who built them. Americans in Iraq and a part of Iraqi nation was against Saddam Hussein; a rather large part of the Russian nation nurtured bitter memories concerning the henchmen of their ancestors like Felix Dzerzhinsky, so they vented their anger on his images the moment an opportunity presented itself. The divide between those who put up the monuments and those who hated the sight of them was in each case insurmountable. What was dear to the former, was abhorrent to the latter.

Recently a huge wave of monument desecration and monument removal has swept the United States and to a much lesser extent Europe. It is mostly the heroes of the American South – generals of the Army of the Confederate States – that are targeted, but not only. Also abolitionists, fighters for American independence of other nationalities, Christian missionaries and even Jesus Christ himself. John Wayne may not be spared the same fate either so much so that a monument to a Portland elk – his ancestor was presumably a slave owner and the elk – a confirmed racist – fell victim to the rage of American iconoclasts.

If Americans torch their national flag, then US needs no enemies.

All this is taking place amid riots caused by the death of a frequent prison inmate who was caught by the police while suspected of paying with counterfeit money. The activists of the Black Lives Matter movement, supported by Antifa and heavily sponsored by the powers that be and spurned on by the democrats performed the usual acts of protest: burning cars and looting shops. This time two qualitatively new elements have been added: one is the toppling or desecration of monuments and the other is forcing the police officers to kneel to the rioters. All this is happening because it is wanted by at least a significant part of the establishment, democrats in the first place, who having failed to impeach Donald Trump, having stopped America’s and the world’s economies due to the so called pandemic now are playing another trump card in yet another effort to thwart the president incumbent from being elected for the second term.

Shamelessness as a revolutionary act (which see)

The democrats have decided to use American blacks to create chaos and make a distressing impression on US citizens who should come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is not capable of running the country. History provides ample examples when a part of the elites willing to topple the current ruler would resort to the help of the masses in order to force the ruler’s abdication or resignation. Such was the case in France in the run-up to the French Revolution, such was the case in Russia in the run-up to the Russian revolution. In France it was the so-called third class that was used for the purpose, in Russia it was the proletariat, now in the United States it is the easily excitable blacks. History teaches us that a genie let out of the bottle cannot be put back at a moment’s notice. Either the democrats have not been attentive during their history classes or their hatred of Donald Trump is so intense that they don’t care.

What a splendid alliance!
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Счастливого Прайда!

If you have thought that an embassy is a kind of an important office, an outpost of one country on the territory of another, an office, where important problems that concern the two countries and often divide them are solved, where diplomatic communication takes place, where people behave businesslike without attracting undue media attention, if you have thought something along these lines, you’d better reconsider.

In June the American embassy in Moscow flew the rainbow flag for all Muscovites to see, whereas the American ambassador recorded an address to Russians and especially LGTB Russians, ensuring them of America’s support of human rights, with the rights of the said community being their essential part. The speech, delivered in English and provided with Russian subtitles, ended with warm wishes of a happy pride writ large; in the Russian translation the word pride remained pride, spelt in Cyrillic.

Source: US Embassy in Russia.

Two days later the United Kingdom’s embassy followed suit and hoisted the same flag. The transatlantic establishment has made a statement and sent a signal to its Russian partisans what paths they are expected to follow, what activities to undertake. The followers include people with dual citizenship, businessmen with accounts in Western banks, people who have property in the West and the Russian intelligentsia who is addicted to Western grants, awards, invitations to hold lectures and the excitement of having their publications in Western journals. Continue reading

Gefira 45 # China – the United States’ Rival

Gefira 45 draws the reader’s attention to the Middle Kingdom and the challenge that it has thrown down for the United States to take up. The Cold War ended, anther cold war is in the making. The Land of the Free has vanquished the Soviet Union by sleight of hand: without a shot being fired or a missile being launched. Can the United States do the same with China? The USSR was a socialist state and so is China, at least according to Beijing’s declarations, because for all practical purposes this gigantic Asiatic tiger favours capitalism. The skyline of many a Chinese city resembles that of Manhattan, the yuan has been added to the SDR basket, while Chinese economic and increasingly so political and military leverage is on the rise. The Middle Kingdom nurses some resentment against the West for the long period when China was exploited, harmed, kept weak, and subdued to the dictate of the European powers plus Japan and the United States. The Middle Kingdom may want to have its revenge. Today Beijing is a player whose influence is felt globally and its policy is more and more frequently on a collision course with that pursued by the United States. When will the decisive showdown occur? What form will this showdown take? Who is going to emerge victorious? What are the weak and strong points of the rivals?


Gefira Financial Bulletin #45 is available now

  • Made in China
  • The dragon over the pacific
  • COVID – a masquarade for…
  • US has nurtured its rival

Pulitzer confirms: there is “no such thing as good white people”

What are all those prizes for – especially the ones given in literature and journalism – that everybody covets? Oh, they have a number of important jobs to do. They
[1] act like a beacon in that they show which topics and styles are to be copied or developed;
[2] promote particular writers, journalists and poets who display world views approved by those who judge literary effort;
[3] give support to particular political or social causes by promoting authors who advocate such causes, and they
[4] create so-called authorities on moral, social and political issues in that if e.g. a Nobel-prize winner says something or opposes something or proposes something, then people tend to consider such issues seriously and tend to identify with them.

What makes ambitious men and women of letters yearn to possess a prize? The prize has a gravitational pull if it
[1] is of long standing;
[2] provides the winner with big material gratification; and
[3] is talked about by the mass media and respected by prestigious universities and similar institutions.

A prize is a powerful tool. A literary prize is the most powerful of them all because in literature the standards of quality are so variable and so numerous as almost non-existent, but the message conveyed in the works of art is conveyed in no uncertain terms even if the writer does his best to veil it.

This year’s winner of the Pulitzer prize in Poetry – or at least the present-day equivalent of this once noble literary genre – has been awarded to Jericho Brown. France 24 decided duly to delegate Eve Jackson to conduct an on-line interview with the laureate. A noteworthy interview because the interviewer is white and the interviewee is black and it matters a lot in this case. Eve Jackson is apologetic and submissive throughout the talk. Maybe that’s her genuine feeling, maybe through years of practice she has just learnt to keep a straight face.
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Gefira #44: In the aftermath of the pandemic

In Gefira #44 our analysts are pondering the world in the aftermath of the pandemic or rather the handling of it. From the dawn of history great disasters have been regarded as harbingers of great historical events and changes. We may incline to believe in it or denounce it, but the fact remains that before the Soviet Union collapsed, there was the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station spectacular failure. The pandemic is going to wreak havoc with the economies of many nations, so at least in this sense it will have had a far-reaching effect comparable to that of a world war. Between the two theoretical extremes that nothing much will change or that the world will be markedly or even strikingly different, the most probable development falls somewhere in between. The question is to which of the extremes it will tend more. As it is the case with hot war, also the pandemic will do more harm in some places, less in others; as it is the case with big crises in general, there are those who stand to win, and those who stand to lose. A kind of reset in international relations, alterations in world finances, re-evaluation of the role of technology, a large-scale redistribution of property, the death or a new life of globalism, the emergence of new or the intensification of some of the old social ills are among the many major phenomena that could be heaving in sight. Our readers are offered an insight into the possible scenarios across various sections of human existence so that they can make an informed decision as to which measures to take and what to expect in their businesses, professional careers and private lives.


Gefira Financial Bulletin #44 is available now

  • In the wake of the pandemonium
  • Second wave, third factor, toothless tiger and preparations for war

Social distancing or vitamin D?

Guest author: Koert van Rijn

It’s a vicious virus that is going around, with a mortality rate of about five times that caused by the flu. Most nations looked away initially, but were faced with reality when it hit them in the stomach. Almost every country waited till the hospitals had filled up and then totally panicked. The fear of the virus was wrongly increased by the WHO’s speculation of a 3.4% mortality rate, and Neil Ferguson, who conjectured about half a million deaths in England alone. A big blunder, but the fear was created and remained stuck even when the data were reassuring.

They had to do something, but what? There was a paper-thin theory that social distancing may stop this kind of influenza from spreading. If it works with the flu, why not with Corona? An ever increasing number of countries implemented this idea and they imposed a strict lockdown. Lo and behold, the infection rate has diminished. Three times hooray to all the leaders for their bold approach.

Unfortunately, there is increasing evidence that it’s not a 1.5-m distance that was the cause of the positive result. A comparison of the countries with a strict and not so strict lockdown show that the difference in deaths or infection cases is but slight.This is logical if you look at the information that is now available about the mode of transmission of the virus. On the one hand, there seems to be many superspread events.There are many well-described events in which an infected person has transmitted the virus on in a church or hall full of people, if the conditions were conducive. That is to say, low-humidity, low ventilation, with the affected person speaking or singing.

Furthermore, research has shown that in German households with one virus carrier only 18-44% of the members have become infected.No doubt, household members keep a shorter distance than 1.5 m. Why have they not all been infected? Research has also shown that there is barely if any form of outdoor corona infection, no matter how big the get-together has been.This means that the virus being extremely airborne is also easily blown away. Security can thus be improved by the avoidance of large gatherings held in poorly ventilated areas that are shut off from the outside world. The 1.5-m distance is no cure.
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