To Brexit or Regrexit? A dis-United Kingdom ponders turmoil of EU divorce

After Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, there is no indication that a so-called Brexit will happen soon. Because the referendum is not legally-binding, some politicians are suggesting a parliament vote before formally triggering Brexit. A petition on the UK government’s website on holding a second referendum has gained more than 3 million signatories in just two days. Reuters

Belarus: between international recognition and a Maidan scenario

Belarus the last pariah of Europe? Its leader, referred to as dictator, shunned by polite society? Its image tarnished in the media? No longer so. Alexander Lukashenko’s fortress has been laid siege to, has been bombarded and… emerged victorious. With flying colors. Minsk has hosted talks on Ukraine’s future, the sanctions have been lifted, and President Lukashenko has been readmitted both to the lay (Rome) and spiritual (the Vatican) European salons. Continue reading