The Kremlin has Trojan Horses All Around

President Putin is the world’s master of Trojan horses. According to the Western press he can handle them all over the globe, whether it is the White House or the Turkish military industry.

The Trojan horse, one of the myths and symbols handed down to us from antiquity, has always had a political application, also at present. Recently, this term has been frequently used by the Polish opinion-forming political news outlets in reference to a number of countries. Gazeta Wyborcza poses the question whether Turkey is Russia’s Trojan horse within the NATO.The question seems to be well-grounded especially when we think of the rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow and the purchase by the former of the Russian anti-missile defence system S-400.

The na:Temat portal ran a text entitled “Bulgaria: the Trojan horse of the European Union?” in which among others it informed the readership that 49% Bulgarians did not approve of the sanctions imposed against Russia by the UE. Continue reading