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Keep ’em sedated, atomized, sterile and disoriented!

Groups of people, even small ones, let alone huge ones, such as entire communities, nations, that is, citizens of (populous) states must be managed somehow. Even in a family there must be order, collision-free cooperation, some sort of hierarchy, some sort of division of tasks and responsibilities. There is nothing wrong with this in principle: it simply cannot be done otherwise. Evil occurs when the way of arranging or organizing the life of societies is carried out by wicked means, which – probably – result from the wicked intentions of people who, when exercising power, are able to create such mechanisms of ruling and managing society that are unfavorable to individual people in the long run.

Unfortunately, what we are observing in the modern world indicates that those who manage societies, who organize the unhindered life of millions of individuals, use wicked means. What is conspicuous are the four methods by which the powers that be attempt to keep people in obedience. These could be reduced to the following four slogans: Keep them (the people):



sterile, and


People are kept sedated in that they are raised to be consumers of all kinds of pleasurable sensations. To satisfy these sensations, people buy anything that provides these pleasurable sensations: food, entertainment, travel, sex, computer games, drugs, medicines that enhance mental well-being, you name it.

People are kept atomized in that all community is destroyed: the modern Western man has no attachment to wife or husband (or, increasingly these days: partner), children, family, nation or faith. The modern Western man thinks almost exclusively of himself: his well-being, his health, his diet, his sensations, his psyche, his career, his bank account, his position in the social hierarchy. Everything else is of little or no importance. The modern man, it is said, invests in himself. The slogan “you are worth it,” which we hear in more than one commercial, accurately illustrates this attitude. The value for the modern man in the West is the man himself, the individual.

People are kept sterile in that they are encouraged not to have children, to have abortions (with these two being mendaciously referred to as planned parenthood), to have vasectomies, to use contraception, to mutilate their own bodies by surgically changing biological sex (which are mendaciously referred to as gender identity adjustment) and thus deprive themselves of fertility. Modern Westerners follow at least one of these recommendations.

People are kept disoriented in that media, schools and churches occupy their minds with such topics as systemic racism, immigration, feminism, sexual minorities, colonialism, slavery, black history month, black lives matter, climate change, green economy, sustainable development, pandemics and the like. Instead of delving into physics or biology, instead of figuring out how to improve an engine or image transmission, Western man wonders how he could compensate various social groups for the persecution their ancestors suffered hundreds of years earlier, or how to extract hidden messages from works of world literature about hidden sexual orientations or the oppression of women.

The average Western man has these four lines of development mapped out. To deviate from them and shape one’s life within the framework of faith, patriotism and family is tantamount to entering a minefield, to being exposed ostracism, and not only from the powers that be, but also from the majority of fellow citizens who have long internalized the new normal.

Of course, each of the above methods of managing people is presented by the powers that be as an advance in human development, as a pure good, as something that the vast majority has aspired to and wanted. And indeed, the majority wants it. However, this majority has been conditioned to desire the new normal. After all, their parents and certainly their grandparents would not have identified with any of these slogans! Those who don’t believe it should read books written before and watch films made before 1968.

What we have, as you can see, is the emergence of an anti-system, the destruction of everything that was previously considered good, beautiful and true. This is not an isolated case in history. Each of us knows of a medieval society organized according to obligatory precepts and prohibitions; each of us knows that from such a society heresies would emerge – Albigensians, Adamites, iconoclasts – which sought o destroy the existing order, promoting, for example, refraining from starting families and having offspring, or promoting getting rid of clothes (nakedness, to which we have all become accustomed, is nothing new under the sun!) or calling for the destruction of works of art. The adherents of these heresies did all this for various motives, one of which was certainly the sincere conviction that what they were doing, or where they wanted to take society, was good and progressive.

Then, as now, there are people who come into collision with the existing world, its order, its values, and want badly to change it. The biggest havoc is wreaked by those who, by virtue of their enormous wealth, can turn their fantasies into reality. Here is Bill Gates agitating for various vaccines, although he is neither a doctor nor a biologist, and – surprisingly! – hardly anyone cares! Here is Klaus Schwab – neither a doctor nor a virologist – speaking out against viruses. George Soros, on the other hand, styles himself as a moralist who teaches the peoples of the world how they should live, or more precisely: that they should break with the moral precepts and prohibitions by which their ancestors lived. No surprise that people who are sedated, atomized, sterile and disoriented look up to these three aforementioned figures and their ilk as gurus! Worse, heads of state and heads of government listen to every word of the teenage girl from Sweden and meekly accept a rebuke from her!

Consider this thought one more time. Two or three generations back, the morals and personal conduct that we observe today, and which we accept, would have been unthinkable! Who is right, then? They, our ancestors from before 1970, or us, people living in the 2020s? Since we have been trained in the modern era that everyone has his own truth, that truth is relative, we fear that the answer will be to say that both they and we are right, that one truth was good for past times and the other for the present. In doing so, they confuse technical and scientific development with man as such, who, in his physical and mental construction, does not change. The proof? Despite all the progress, pregnancy still lasts 9 months, while the spiritual experiences and moral dilemmas described in the literature of bygone eras continue to be understandable to us.

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