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Irish courage

On November 27 this year, The Irish National Party (An Páirtí Náisiúnta) made a statement in defence of the Irish nationality, against the uncontrollable, mass influx of foreigners. The statement denounces the “contemptible, bought-up political establishment” that is pursuing a policy of open borders and stepwise makes the Irish to become a minority in their own country. The statement expresses the concern of the National Party over the future of Irish identity and the survival of the Irish people. It calls the listener’s attention to the disastrous consequences caused by large numbers of foreigners in housing, employment, education and medical care. It condemns this ongoing deluge that is obviously encouraged and promoted by the treacherous elites. Much of the statement is devoted to rising crime as a result of the influx of aliens.

So far, so good. The Irish, just as any other nationality, have the right to protect themselves against the influx of foreigners. If the human rights that are quoted on every occasion are to be regarded with the seriousness that they deserve, then any national community ought to be prevented from being diluted by a huge admixture of foreigners.

Also, the foreigners, the aliens, the immigrants – you name them – ought to behave with proper restraint. Surely, they wouldn’t like to have their countries changed by mass immigration; undoubtedly, they wouldn’t like to have to accommodate foreigners and provide for them; undeniably, they wouldn’t be happy about becoming a minority in their own countries. Why, then, do they inflict that calamity on others? 

Because there is no such thing as human rights: we only have the right of the strong over the weak, and the right of the sly over the meek. Since the Western governments keep promoting immigration to their own countries, since they tolerate the everyday influx of foreigners and continue to take full care of them, the other ethnicities simply take advantage of it. They must think of the Western nations in terms of – forgive the word – being suckers.

For all that, if the foreigners were honourable people, they would not impose themselves on other ethnicities. They know it full well that they are not welcome by the common people, they know it full well that they only live off the fat of the land because the treacherous elites of Western nations think it right to exploit their own people and redistribute the wealth produced by them to immigrants. Sadly, as said above, there are no human rights: given an opportunity to make a killing, man will make a killing.

With all compassion and due understanding, the statement delivered by the National Party reveals more than it says. While discussing the consequences of the influx of foreigners, there is only one ethnicity that is named – three times – and these are Ukrainians. It is hard to believe that the National Party is so much upset about the arrival of Ukrainians. Ukrainians are white, European, (post-)Christian and – just as all Slavs – have a deep inferiority complex towards the West and everything Western, so this complex will drive them to go out of their way to assimilate and integrate themselves with the Irish nation. It is obvious that it is not the Ukrainians whose presence in Ireland is resented by the National Party: it is the Third Worlders that are not welcome, and rightly so. Why then does the statement of the National Party not mention them?

The Irish patriots have only so much courage as to point a finger at other Europeans.

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