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The French nation desires to abort itself out of existence, so be it!

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Abortion. These words are going to define France as its national assembly enshrined the right to abortion in the country’s constitution on March 4, 2024. The constitutional amendment was passed by the majority of 780 votes against 72. The announcement of the amendment whipped crowds of people, mostly women, gathered among other places around the Eiffel Tower into frenzy. Protesters were few and far between. Even the so called far right with Marine Le Pen were in favour of the constitutional amendment. The media around the globe called it a historic event. It is a historic event, indeed. The French nation has been aborting itself out of existence since 1974, when abortion was made legal, and now the same nation is besides itself with joy that the right has been made even stronger, as it is anchored in the country’s basic law. With the fertility rate of 1.83 (as of 2020), which includes the millions of the “new French”, the autochthonous French nation is continuing the commission of its own suicide with joy and glee and delight.

Why did this amendment need to be anchored in the constitution in a country where (i) the overwhelming majority of people are in favour of abortion, where (ii) abortion has been legal for half a century, where (iii) contraception is commonly available, and where (iv) sexual education is part and parcel of the school curriculum? Proponents of the amendment say they needed to anchor the right to abortion in the constitution to make it harder for any future government to repeal it. Here they point to the 2022 US Supreme Court ruling against Roe vs. Wade. Well, ok, but that’s what democracy is all about: if it happens so in the future that the majority decides to ban abortion, then why not?

Why do women across France are overjoyed, elated and euphoric because of a legal act like this one? Why do they claim to be oppressed by pregnancy? Why can’t they resort to contraception if they want to avoid pregnancy? Why do they believe that this right grants them control over their bodies when they ought to know that the baby has a separate DNA, which means that the pregnant woman carries someone else’s body and by terminating pregnancy kills a human being? Why can’t these women – who are surely all in favour of nature and anything natural – see that terminating pregnancies is unnatural? Why can’t they see – quite apart from moral or religious questions – that what they celebrate so very much is simply distasteful? Why of all the French women even Marine Le Pen, who opposes mass immigration of Third World people into France, can’t see that voting for the right to abort future Frenchmen and Frenchwomen she automatically makes immigration economically and socially necessary???

Abortion frenzy

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