Defence Minister Akar posts map of Turkey that includes parts of Greece and entire Cyprus

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on Sunday, October 13, posted a map of Turkey on his Facebook page, which included northern Greece and the Greek islands of the Aegean, the entire Cyprus, as well as half of Syria. In a message in Turkish Akar wrote” We have no eye’s on anyone’s land. We will only take back what is ours.” Source Greek City Times

Dutch army supporting The Hague during farmer protest

Today, farmers are protesting against the measures proposed to cut down on nitrogen emissions. The location of this protest is The Hague and the area around Bilthoven. The farmers are, however, not welcome at the Binnenhof or in the city centre and to ensure they don’t try their luck, the Ministry of Defence is supporting the police in cordoning off the city centre (including the Binnenhof) to large vehicles. Source I Am