Poland must pay €1 million daily over judiciary reforms, ECJ rules

Poland must pay daily fines of €1 million over its controversial judiciary reforms, the European Union’s Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. The penalty is believed to be the highest ever imposed on a member state. The punitive measures will be in place until Warsaw agrees to comply with an ECJ ruling issued back in July that ordered the immediate suspension of the disciplinary chamber of judges of the Supreme Court and the reversal of the decisions it had already taken on the lifting of judicial immunity. The chamber can punish magistrates according to the content of their resolutions. Source Euronews

Truck driver shortage increases to 80,000; nearly 1 million new drivers needed over next decade

“This is an over-the-road, for-hire truckload problem,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. Private and less-than-truckload fleets are facing hiring issues, but the shortage largely comprises long-haul or over-the-road drivers.

He said the shortage is determined based on the amount of available freight and the number of drivers needed to haul that. During the Great Recession, he noted a significant decline in freight demand led to a driver surplus. Source TBP