DoD listing: Ericsson claims products made by Chinese partner not used in equipment

Swedish telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson claims that its products meet relevant requirements set by the Australian Government. The company was responding to a query as to why its partner in China, Panda Electronics, has been placed on a list drawn up by the US Department of Defence and said to contain firms that are either owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Source ItWire

Lyon: Assaulted by six individuals, a biker of the municipal police seriously injured

Municipal police officers from the Lyon motorcycle brigade were attacked by a gang of six individuals who decided to fight it out. One of the officials was seriously injured. Two bikers of the municipal police intervened on Place Colbert in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, this Sunday shortly after 11 a.m., when they were assaulted by a gang of six individuals. Source Actu17