French PM unveils tax cuts, pension reforms as Macron eyes rebound

Philippe told lawmakers that the government would cut income tax for middle-class workers and would completely scrap a housing tax. Philippe said unemployment benefits for the highest earners would gradually decrease to encourage the jobless to get back to work more quickly. On the highly sensitive subject of pension reform, Philippe said the government would create incentives for the French to stay on the job longer than the current minimum legal retirement age of 62. Source: France 24

Italy passes law to fine people who rescue refugees at sea

Italy has passed a law to fine any boat rescuing refugees from sea up to €50,000 (£44,000), despite hundreds having died on route this year. Those who repeatedly violate the law risk having their boats seized. The regulation also allows undercover police investigations of possible trafficking operations and approves electronic eavesdropping on suspected people smugglers. Source: Independent