The Russia – US conflict is now a full blown Hybrid war.

The West and Russia are engaged in a full blown hybride war. They  are fighting each other in the juridical, financial and economical domain, they are engaged in cyberwarfare and proxy-wars. The future shall not be the same, expecting that the current conflict will reach new lows in the coming period. Germany is the sole Western power to prevent a further escalation of the conflict. 

Many analysts see the Ukraine conflict as the beginning of the renewed conflict between Russia and the US. It is already dubbed as “the new cold war” and being portrait as the consequence of Putin’s aspirations to rebuild the Soviet Empire. In this narrative the Russian-US conflict started at an more or less random period in the recent history.

To get a better understanding of the current conflict it is preferable to identify the Libyan crisis as the start of the Russian-US restrained relation, it is the beginning of a new kind of war: “hybrid war”.

During the Libyan conflict the NATO let coalition was granted to enforce a no fly zone in Libya, it soon escalated in a full blown illegal war against the Kaddafi regime. Not only did the NATO forces bomb government and military targets in Libya, according to the British media, Britain’s Special Forces were in disguise on the ground. It was clear that France, the US, the Netherlands and Great Britain where engaged in a full blown conservative war inside Lybia. Even though it was obvious that those armies were engaged in battles with the Libyan army,  their respective governments flat out denied that they were at war at all. The same pattern was visible over and over again during the uprise of the Syrian Jihadist movements against Assad. Syrian Jihadist were, according to Reuters, supported by the CIA from Turkey. A strategy that has been later adopted by Russia in Ukraine.

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