Tensions rise on Aegean islands as migrants continue to arrive

As dozens of migrants continue to land daily on the shores of eastern Aegean islands, and tensions rise in reception centers, local communities are becoming increasingly divided over growing migrant populations.
A total of 438 people arrived on the islands aboard smuggling boats from Turkey in the first three days of the week, with another 175 people arriving on the islet of Oinousses yesterday morning. Source Ekathimerini

Gang hijacked Malmö grocery store and ran it as normal for a day

Four men have been remanded in custody after they forcefully evicted shop workers in a Malmö grocery store – only to keep running the store themselves before police arrived to put an end to it. The gang had threatened the owners on several previous occasions to blackmail them for money, without success, and last week they returned to the store, reports the Sydsvenskannewspaper. Source TheLocal