Greece to move 2,000 asylum-seekers from overcrowded Lesbos

Greece said on Tuesday it would move 2,000 asylum-seekers from the island of Lesbos to the mainland by the end of the month as pressure mounted on the government to ease overcrowding. Human rights groups and local authorities have criticized Greece for the poor conditions at the country’s biggest migrant camp, Moria, currently operating at almost three times its capacity. Source Daily Sabah

Take a look at the illegal migration of hundreds of migrants over the Balkan mountain passes

Hundreds of migrants are trying to cross the Croatian border from Una-Sana Canton every day. According to the estimates, there are between 3,000 and 3,500 migrants in Bihac, and new groups from many countries of Asia and Africa arrive daily. Many of them try to cross the well-guarded border of the Republic of Croatia and continue their journey towards the countries of Western Europe,  through the mountain of Plješevica. Members of the Mountain Rescue Service Bihac registered columns of migrants in an attempt to illegally cross the state border near Bihac. Source krajina

Scuffle between Asslborn and Salivini

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s minister of foreign affairs, rudely interrupted Matteo Salvini’s speech on immigrants in the presence of other European politicians
The Luxembourg Eurocrat loses his mind when Salvini said: “I heard some colleagues before me saying that we need immigration because of the ageing of European population: I have a very different perspective. I think I was put in charg and being paid by my citizens to see young people go back to having children as they did until few years ago, and not to explant the best of young Africans and replace Europeans who for economic reasons can no longer have children.These are two completely different visions. Maybe in Luxembourg have this need, in Italy we need to have children, not to have new slaves to supplant the children we can not have anymore”. Source: Il Giornale