Trump’s Nomination NOT a Surprise for GEFIRA Readers

After the resignation of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump as the only remaining GOP candidate is on a collision course with Hillary Clinton.

The GEFIRA team is the only European analyst group that was NOT surprised by that fact, since we claimed already in August that “The world should prepare for Mr. Trump as the next president of the USA”. Continue reading

Trump Will Get Rid of the Neoconservatives and Their Costly Failures

sacrificeThere is a good chance Donald Trump will win the presidency as we already said in August 2015. Trump has the support of the most powerful part of the American elite. A Media Research Center study finds that, over a two week period, coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign took up nearly 78 percent of all CNN’s prime time GOP campaign coverage. According to mediaQuant, the big networks gave Trump 1.8 billion dollars’ worth free publicity, far more than the other candidates, with Clinton receiving a mere 746 million dollars. Continue reading