The end of the nation-states: new challenge to aviation security

National security agencies are failing to protect their airline carriers. Travel agency and airline carriers can not rely on traditional security information and security agencies. As states disintegrates, traditional governmental organization do not provide safeguards for reliable operations anymore.

We mentioned back in July that there is a full blown war in the Sinai. The Egyptian authorities do everything in their power to downplay the facts in order to hold the image of them being in full control. To protect their economical interest they do not share information about the situation. Hundreds of people have been killed in the Sinai last year alone. In September 12 Mexican tourists were accidentally shot by the Egyptian army and in august of this year a passenger airliner was targeted by a missile. The British plane was landing at Sharm el Sheikh airport when a rocket was launched in their direction the pilot barely managed to dodge it. This serious event  did not result in appropriate actions by the UK’s or Egyptian security authorities.

Jihadist captured SA-8 system in Syria. SA- 8 systems have a range of 40.000 ft. This is within the cruising altitude (30000ft) of commercial airlines

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Erdoğan electoral victory is a humiliation for the European Union

While paying a visit to Europe in October, Erdoğan addressed an AKP rally in Strasbourg. Thousands of Turks turned up, waving Turkish national flags and listening to Erdoğan’s speech full of nationalistic references to epic wars that Turkey waged against Europe, a speech fraught with religious rhetoric. Europe should be on its guard and take this religion-driven Turkish nationalism very seriously, since history teaches that such statements may not end well.

European politicians had better take notice of the fact that so many AKP supporters showed up in Strasbourg, so much so that the city is not a Turkish rural area nor are the Turks present at the rally simple villagers: to the contrary, the participants of the mass meeting have been living in Europe, the center of the western cosmopolitan world, for decades. Analysts should not downplay the symbolism used by the president of Turkey as meaninglessness. Erdoğan’s reference to the Battle of Gallipoli1, when the Ottomans defeated the Europeans, was chosen with care as a strong and unambiguous message. A direct parallel between the said historic event and the defeat of the European Union by the AKP can easily be drawn, and Erdoğan’s visit to Brussels could be interpreted as an intended humiliation of the European Union, with the subsequent visit of Chancellor Merkel to Ankara as an act of Europe’s capitulation. Continue reading

AKP: War on PKK and Kurdish party HDP cost Turkish nationalist 50% of the Votes.

turcja mapa AKP turcja mapa MHP

Source: Based on Anadolu Agency

The first map shows where Erdogan’s AKP gained a number of deputies in elections of 1st November in comparison to the elections of 7th June. The second map shows these provinces where the far-right party MHP lost deputies in comparison to the elections of 7th June. MHP lost half of deputies between June and November elections (from 80 to 40). Continue reading

Google car will wipe out 3.5 Million good jobs

Self-driving car and truck technology development is under way to become reality. The question now is not if, but when our cars drive us rather than be driven by us. Engineers and producers like Google, Tesla or Daimler are going into raptures about convenience and possible applications of new driverless cars. But what will happen to over 6,000,000 professional drivers from the European Union and the United States who are in danger of losing their jobs? Has anybody given it a thought?

Employment by Mode of Transport in the EU, USA graph FINAL FINAL FINAL

* Eurostat data refer to transportation and storage activities (including postal and courier services, removal services); U.S. data covers driver/sales workers and truck drivers
** Eurostat data include all urban and suburban land transport modes (motor bus, tramway, streetcar, trolley bus, underground and elevated railways); U.S. data cover bus drivers Continue reading